Online content these days, if not updated, offers a shelf-life even smaller than that of a daily newspaper.
E2 Solutions gives you the power to make your content come alive through our custom-made content
applications which help you manage, update and direct your content in any way you want.

Wordpress Custom Web CMS Development

Blogging applications have revolutionized the way we build websites and maintain the free flow of information between our thoughts and our visitors and customers. People wanting to continuously add content on their website without the need to know complex programming or HTML codes – a basic form of content management- and also allowing visitors to add their comments, took to blogging application with open hearts.

Back in 2003 when Google purchased a blog creation application created by Pyra Labs, the blogging application scenario was very nascent with not many open source application. Soon after the success of, many companies including open source arena were busy in launching an open source blogging platform were programmers around the world would be able to contribute to its overall development.

One of the most popular open source blogging applications is WordPress and as a matter of fact our own blog –Webocrats- is based on wordpress. Adapting to latest open source application as and when they are lunched has become a habit at E2 solutions and blogging applications are no exceptions.

Whether you desire having a website based on blogging system or a dedicated blog to show your expertise to the world, E2 Solutions can quickly and affordably set-up your blog with best designs in the industry. What’s more, your blog will come integrated with useful plug-ins freely available that further enhances your blog’s capabilities and reach. We know how important it is for you to concentrate more on your content publishing than knowing the nitty-gritty of enhancing your blog’s platform.

Are you planning to lunch your own blog targeting a niche market you can contribute to or looking for a basic content management system, let our experts recommend you the right platform? To begin the consultation process, please take few minutes to fill the form on to your left.

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