Your SEO is like a Job Interview

Job interview jitters are a common phenomenon, experienced by tens of thousands across the globe every day. Even the best of preparations might leave you lying face down, having to start over once again. The grind is repeated over and over again until you find that perfect recipe for success. A successful job interview is something that needs to be mastered and requires a deft hand at selling yourself in the most subtle manner possible. Now, when it comes to an interview, there are certain quintessential things that need to be known just like the back of your hand. Call it the Bible of interviews if you must, but these rules require strict adherence, to reach where you intend to be.

The Job Interview

Beginning from how you look to more importantly how you present yourself; a great first impression can certainly take you places. Now that the platform for a meaningful conversation is built and you have captured the attention of the interviewer, comes the most difficult phase – Convincing the interviewer that you have the qualities and the personality that he/she desires for the company. A 360 degree assessment of your own self is required to dig out your own strengths and weaknesses and present them in the more optimum way possible. Your resume is the written representation of you and your life’s work and the references which you quote vouch for your credibility and your performances elsewhere. What matters the most is the consistency of your goals, actions, diction and your consistency throughout the interview.

The SEO-Job Interview Connection

Now where does SEO come into this monocled explanation of the art of giving an interview? SEO of your website is exactly like preparing to appear in a job interview. Where your website is placed in the interviewees’ seat, Google (or any other search engine) becomes the interviewer. One has to follow the set guidelines that earmark the needs and desires of the search engine and incorporate the same into the website. When it comes to Search engine optimization, preparedness is the Key.

The Appearance – On-page

Optimization, both on-page and off-page needs to occur at tandem to have the maximum impact. On-page optimization ensures a brilliant first impression on a search engine, which certainly does the website a world of good. This is exactly how you would like to present yourself and perform at the stage of the interview. Everything relevant should be Visible!

Relevance of Content/Keywords

Your site navigation, the placement of your keywords in the right content speaks out loud about how sorted and simple to understand your website is. Translated into an interview scenario – Who would like to interview someone who comes around as being messed up in his/her ideas, thoughts and diction?

Creating the Buzz – off-page

Off-page optimization on the other hand would be the buzz that you create around your website by writing articles, social bookmarking, back links and through your presence on social networking platforms. Quite similar to what your work experience and your references would say about you in an interview.

Google Guidelines

Google, like your future employer, remains a tough taskmaster. In the case of an employer, he/she understands that your appointment would directly affect the performance of the organization and therefore the best match for a profile should to be considered. Similarly Google too makes sure that your website fulfills the exhaustive list of criteria which it has, to rank your website. In this way, Google makes sure that only the best information is provided to its users.

Consistency of Performance

Once past the successful interview stage, the job becomes even harder when you try to live up-to the expectations of your employer and constantly update yourself while performing your best every day. Likewise, once you manage to reach the top of the search ranking, you have to make sure that your website continues to provide valuable information that Google considers search relevant. This ensures the consistency of the top search rankings as well as the increase in popularity of your website.

Be it an interview or the SEO optimization of your website for top search rankings, high performance is the key. Good luck with both of them!

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