Well Done Brands! Shifting Trends to Social Media Marketing

When it comes to fresh, quirky, out of the box and insane innovation, one TV channel will always be characterized by all this and more. MTV. The latest news to come out from the MTV crazies is their latest selection of the Twitter Jockey. The slow but powerful awakening of the brands towards social media networking is the result of a chain reaction, when the online success of one brand was noticed by many in the industries across the world.

Facebook has already been converted by many brands into their second home after their corporate websites. Now as the social networking space increases, brands would look to diversify their online offerings through the use of various social media networking platforms. More innovations would set in, making way for even better engagement of the customers. This would ultimately lead to the increase in the degree to which brands attract their prospective customers. Turning our attention to how brands are engaging Twitter as medium of interacting with the online audience, MTV’s latest announcement of if Twitter Jockey is a step in the right direction for the hugely popular youth brand.

MTV has always brought freshness to the television space through its hard-hitting, effectively targeted programs and campaigns. This time around too it has it the nail in its head by realizing the huge opportunities social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook have in store for the brand. The Twitter Jockey competition for MTV was a huge hit and after months of screening work, Gabi Gregg, a 23 year-old plus-size fashion blogger from Detroit, was selected as the official Jockey for the music channel on Twitter. Gabi topped her four competitors by winning the popular vote from viewers and fans and the campaign attracted immense response from people all over Twitter-space.

By allocating such importance to interacting with people through Twitter, MTV would surely set a benchmark at integrating brands and the web-space for increased internet marketing. Global brands are still shy to increase their marketing and advertising spends on Social media optimization /marketing and search engine optimization as compared to their expenses on traditional media. MTV’s campaign would again serve as a food for thought for other brands pointing towards the importance of having followers and fans on social media.

Hope this step taps in the unrealized potential that the web holds for the global as well as domestic brands. A brief sneak-peak into the future of marketing?

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