Web Design Trends for 2010: Part 1

With 2010 on the horizon, old website designs are giving way to fresh, trendy website designs. To appeal to the users all the more in your business, you need to add the ‘xing’ to spice up your designs.

For a start, here is a listing of things you can imply.


This trend started with a bang in 2009 and will continue. The use of large, exciting fonts would soon be a part of integral web design.


Hand Drawn Sketches:

The web is full of traditional graphics & illustrations. Hand Drawn sketches is a pleasant change. It gives website a simple, unique & personalized look.

Hand Drawn Sketches


Forget the old school of thought! Website of 2010 would have lots of white space with bold typography and rich colour palate.


Oversized Footer:

The web is already over floated with big footers. The trend would sail through year 2010. Look out for footers with links to RSS Feeds, Social Media apps, company information and much more…

Oversized Footer

Social Media Sites and Add-ins/Icons:

This has been the big thing of the past. Social Media is booming and would continue to do so! Using apps to build communities, connect to friends, share just at a click of a button is all so exciting!

Social Media Sites and Add-ins/Icons

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