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While searching for the keyword “eye makeup” on Google, I came across the video tutorials at the top of the search results. In fact, many of the search results include YouTube videos at the first few positions and individuals have started using it as a media to expand their businesses over the Internet. YouTube is a search engine (like Google) but it can be used exclusively for searching videos of different types. Thus, to reach the top of SERPs, content optimization has to be sufficed with Video SEO.

What is Video SEO?

For many years, Internet marketers have been using the term – Search Engine Optimization or SEO. But, Video SEO is the new concept that delves into optimizing videos for the leading search engines like Google and Bing. Video SEO is not just limited to uploading videos on YouTube Channel but rather it is an extensive process including the following steps:

  1. Optimizing the content of the video as per the guidelines laid by leading search engines.
  2. Ensuring video is indexed in Google search results.
  3. Display of Video at the top position when related keywords are entered by the user.

Tips to Optimize Videos for YouTube

Similar to Google, YouTube constantly modifies and upgrades its algorithms to present users with the best and most useful videos. Here below are some of the tips suggested by SEO India professionals to optimize your video on YouTube and take hold of top positions on search engines.

  1. YouTube Channel – Before any user can upload videos on YouTube, he is required to create a channel. A channel is basically the user profile and you have to make it extremely impressive. Fill in all the information in an optimized manner. Users can include certain links and URL of their website which result in high quality back links. Another feature that can be availed to come up with a strong & optimized profile is the channel background. Using your logo as the background image would help in building brand identity among the users.
  2. Video Content – Be it Google or YouTube, content remains instrumental in helping sites to climb high on SERPs. The content of the video should be original, authentic and innovative. Try to find out what interests your target audience and offer the same through the video. Along with the content, factors like video length and video resolution should be taken into consideration. Average length for a video should be around 4 minutes and the resolution should be high.
  3. Keywords – Keywords rule the world of YouTube as well and one has to be really careful while selecting keywords. In the virtual market, many companies are targeting over the same group of keywords and SEO Company India can help you with this task quite easily. Some of the places where right set of keywords can be incorporated include description of the video, content of the video, and titles & subtitles in the video.

Presently, the concept of Video SEO is in a burgeoning stage and it can be employed to get an edge over competitors in this ready for action era. Begin with the process of video SEO right away and become a member of “Doers” and not “Followers”.

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