Hop Around in the Social Media FRIDGE!

Heard about The Fridge? Why not? With all your friends, relatives and colleagues on Facebook, its hardly plausible to post your latest personal updates or your pictures and videos from that wild party last night. Enter The Fridge. A YCombinator-backed startup that promises a Facebook-like experience for private groups, The Fridge can be your passport to hassle free social networking, where you choose to join or create a group and all the information shared in the group stays within the group itself, thus minimizing concerns about who might see your content!

Group creation is really simple. Just sign-up with an e-mail address, enter a group name, share the group’s private URL with friends and you’re on your way to socializing with smaller private groups of friends.

The Fridge users also get their own public profiles where other site members can post comments and photos in a wall-like fashion. The only real way to discover other users, however, is through joint groups. Plus, the notion of explicit friend relationships is non-existent — there’s no need for friend requests — and communication is one-to-many through groups.

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