The New Preview Feature in Google Search Results

That’s right! Google is publicly testing the new Preview feature for their search results and it works like a dream, atleast for the user. For the Pay per click professionals out there, mmm.. not so much. Well we won’t mince our words here and say that from a user perspective, the preview feature is amazing. It gives you a big and clear view of the website/landing page if you hover over the magnifying glass located alo0ngside the search result. The better part of this feature is that Google even highlights the part of the page which contains the text you have searched for.

The feature, as thought previously, would’ve required an extension to be installed, before making it functional to a user. But after re-checking, the feature is working smoothly for users who don’t have the said extension installed. Great news for search engine optimization then? Err.. not so much we guess!

What may get the PPC experts wound up is the fact that the preview results would literally eclipse the paid search results displayed on the right-hand-side of the screen. Also there might be a situation when websites might start experiencing a drop in the click-through rates. SO it’s about time that the websites got their house in order. The design of your website might attract or repel your future customer, even before he/she visits your website.

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