The First Google Print ad In India

If you haven’t gone through today’s Times of India newspaper as well as the Economic Times, then you did miss out on the first ever print ad by Google in India. The Google Chrome advertisement that read Fast.www in bold, covered the entire last page of both these newspapers and it certainly was an eye catcher.

The last advertisement by a brand that generated this much interest was Volkswagen, but that was in a league of its own in innovative advertisement. What this print ad of Google bring to the mind is “What finally prompted Google to come up with an advertisement, after such a long presence in India?”.

As our last post about Google’s 12th birthday clearly stated, times are changing and the Search Engine giant is facing stiff competition from many sides – the biggest competitors being Facebook and Apple, on two very different fronts. But we wonder if this print ad was prompted by the recent launch of Internet Explorer 9 by Microsoft. Could it be a measure to kill the already decreased usage of Internet Explorer in India, because apart from this reason, frankly there wouldn’t be any other. Especially because almost the entire net-surfing population of this country predominantly uses Google Chrome.

If you have an opinion, feel free to share it with us.

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