Analysis – Are you Addicted to facebook?

Either a narcissist or an incessant attention seeker. if you are one of those people who spend insanely long hours on Facebook and ridiculously mundane status updates every ten minutes, then you just might display the same narcissistic tendencies in real life also.

Researchers at York University examined the connection between Facebook activity and real-world personality traits in a study called “Self-Presentation 2.0: Narcissism and Self-Esteem on Facebook.”

Lower self esteem and higher levels of narcissism are the reasons responsible for the huge amount of time people tend to spend wiling around on Facebook.  Such people are usually the ones who continuously post updates and pictures of themselves and keep everyone updated about everything they do. The new research suggests that online profiles can also feed narcissistic tendencies and highlights a disconnect between one’s real-world personality and curated online identity.

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Hop Around in the Social Media FRIDGE!

Heard about The Fridge? Why not? With all your friends, relatives and colleagues on Facebook, its hardly plausible to post your latest personal updates or your pictures and videos from that wild party last night. Enter The Fridge. A YCombinator-backed startup that promises a Facebook-like experience for private groups, The Fridge can be your passport to hassle free social networking, where you choose to join or create a group and all the information shared in the group stays within the group itself, thus minimizing concerns about who might see your content!

Group creation is really simple. Just sign-up with an e-mail address, enter a group name, share the group’s private URL with friends and you’re on your way to socializing with smaller private groups of friends.

The Fridge users also get their own public profiles where other site members can post comments and photos in a wall-like fashion. The only real way to discover other users, however, is through joint groups. Plus, the notion of explicit friend relationships is non-existent — there’s no need for friend requests — and communication is one-to-many through groups.

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Well Done Brands! Shifting Trends to Social Media Marketing

When it comes to fresh, quirky, out of the box and insane innovation, one TV channel will always be characterized by all this and more. MTV. The latest news to come out from the MTV crazies is their latest selection of the Twitter Jockey. The slow but powerful awakening of the brands towards social media networking is the result of a chain reaction, when the online success of one brand was noticed by many in the industries across the world. [...]

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FaceBook success means More Social Networks on the Horizon

Remember the days when Microsoft was sued for monopoly. Well not much is happening on the Microsoft front apart from the company making waves in Cloud Computing; but that too is confined to the hardcore business sector till now. Ever since Google happened (Google’s a noun, a verb, an adjective and what not!), things have taken a dramatic turn in almost every social and business sector of the world. We have reached a stage when Google has forayed into almost every sector imaginable and has led to people actually getting scared of the dominance of Google! [...]

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Your 6year olds’ Social network!!

Your 6 year old will soon be sharing his/her life experiences online through social networking. Well for those re-reading the previous statement, a word of caution. It will happen soon!

Social networking websites like FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter already have a user-base of almost a billion people online. Most of these users belong to the age-group of 13-35 years. But this could all change with another Social networking website targeting the children between the age of 6-12 years. Enter Togetherville, a social networking website meant for children belonging to the above mentioned age group.  Legally, children who are considered to be too young under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act cannot join Facebook. But all this seems to change with the launch of Togetherville, co-founded by Mandeep Singh Dhillon . It is a site that is specifically designed to suit the social networking needs of children!

Social networking needs of children. 10 years ago, nobody would’ve even thought of coining this term and here we are at the verge of watching 6-7 year old kids sharing their life and sounds with their peers. The security aspect of such sites, when especially related to kids, is always under the microscope. In this case it is the parents or trusted adults who would be doing all the social networking activities on the behalf of the kids and therefore security concerns would be minimized. Togetherville is linked to Facebook and therefore any parent possessing a FaceBook account would be able to create their child’s account on Togetherville.

But the marketers will surely be smacking their lips to this new opportunity for social media optimization to target this unexplored high-potential market. Successful capture of this segment of the population would open up many windows of opportunities for brands for internet marketing. They would be enabled to target this population for online marketing in a much better manner, just like bigger websites like FaceBook and LinkedIn are doing presently.

Between all this, one issue is sure to raise eyebrows through the web-space – Do children really require social networking? Wasn’t there a huge hue and cry when Children and the time they spent on computers became a hot topic for debate all over the world? Highly involving activities like online gaming have already given parents sleepless nights about the lack of physical activity that their children get. And now with this social networking website for kids, the fears of children getting addicted to the internet will become even more pronounced.

Drawbacks or not, social networking for kids will soon be a reality. Boom for some and bane for the others.

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