Analysis – Are you Addicted to facebook?

Either a narcissist or an incessant attention seeker. if you are one of those people who spend insanely long hours on Facebook and ridiculously mundane status updates every ten minutes, then you just might display the same narcissistic tendencies in real life also.

Researchers at York University examined the connection between Facebook activity and real-world personality traits in a study called “Self-Presentation 2.0: Narcissism and Self-Esteem on Facebook.”

Lower self esteem and higher levels of narcissism are the reasons responsible for the huge amount of time people tend to spend wiling around on Facebook.  Such people are usually the ones who continuously post updates and pictures of themselves and keep everyone updated about everything they do. The new research suggests that online profiles can also feed narcissistic tendencies and highlights a disconnect between one’s real-world personality and curated online identity.

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WHY haven’t You seen it yet? “Old Spice Guy” Ad Wins an Emmy

Ad agency Wieden + Kennedy’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” TV spot for Old Spice has won the Emmy for Outstanding Commercial.

The spot starred former NFL wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa as the Old Spice Guy, a character now well-known in pop culture thanks to the TV ads and a highly successful social media campaigns.

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Arrested Over Facebook: 19 Posts That Got Suspects Snagged (PHOTOS)

Forget wiretaps and paper trails: more and more frequently, mischief and malfeasance on Facebook in photos, posts, pages, and chats is helping police track down police suspected of criminal activity.

A look at 19 instances where people’s activity on Facebook got them arrested. Were their arrests warranted or out of line?

According to CBS News, a 19-year-old Florida mother faced legal trouble after she posted a Facebook photo of her infant appearing to smoke out of a bong. The Florida Department of Children and Families launched an investigation and planned to drug test both the mother and child, despite the mother’s protests that the photo was taken as a joke. The photo was sent to a local news station, which contacted the mother for a statement.

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The Google Movie – Would you go and watch it?

Although I really wish that the Movie’dom does not suffer from a social media overkill within this year, but my fears might come true with list of movies which have lined up till now. A movie on Twitter and then on Facebook was already announced earlier, but now joining the team is a movie on Google. Now what lies in store for these movies is still unpredictable but they are creating quite a stir in the social media circle.

Following a series of parodies and spoofs on Facebook and Twitter, comes the turn of Google. But this time it’s for real! The movie is an adaptation of the book Googled: The End of the World As We Know It”, by Ken Auletta The book will be used as an outline for the feature film about the rise of the popular internet search engine.

I have my fingers crossed for this one, but have sneaky feeling that with all this hype surrounding the launch of movies on social media themes, viewers might get wary of the same thing being repeated over and over again. but then again, this is just a personal opinion.

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