The GeoSocial Universe – How it’s Unfolding

This infographic, created by Jesse Thomas of digital creative agency Jess3, shows the relative size of social networks and online services such as Skype, Gmail, MySpace, Twitter and Foursquare, and also shows the proportion of their user base that access the service via a mobile device.

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The Google Movie – Would you go and watch it?

Although I really wish that the Movie’dom does not suffer from a social media overkill within this year, but my fears might come true with list of movies which have lined up till now. A movie on Twitter and then on Facebook was already announced earlier, but now joining the team is a movie on Google. Now what lies in store for these movies is still unpredictable but they are creating quite a stir in the social media circle.

Following a series of parodies and spoofs on Facebook and Twitter, comes the turn of Google. But this time it’s for real! The movie is an adaptation of the book Googled: The End of the World As We Know It”, by Ken Auletta The book will be used as an outline for the feature film about the rise of the popular internet search engine.

I have my fingers crossed for this one, but have sneaky feeling that with all this hype surrounding the launch of movies on social media themes, viewers might get wary of the same thing being repeated over and over again. but then again, this is just a personal opinion.

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Amazing ways to Decorate your House – The Digital Way

While digital cameras have largely shoved aside film cameras, how we store and show off our snapshots has changed little since the heyday of Kodachrome. Overstuffed shoeboxes have simply been replaced with cluttered hard drives and Flickr streams, leatherbound albums supplanted by Facebook uploads.

Luckily, however, one perk of the digital age is the opportunity to use printing techniques and materials once reserved for professionals.

Some of these can take favorite photos and turn them into works of art that go beyond oversize prints, like custom wallpaper, murals and decals. The services cost more than the one-hour photo hut, but the results can be stunning.oluti

A comprehensive listing of the best websites offering Home Decoration Solutions are listed below.

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The Chrome web store – Google’s makes headway in Global Dominance

Competition only makes it better. With Facebook and Apple giving Google a hard time, it’s imperative that the latter would respond in blockbuster manner. Google recently announced its latest venture, the Chrome Web Store, an open marketplace for web applications. On this platform, developers will be able to sell their apps through the store via Google’s secure payment system.

Video game website 1up was able to grab some photographs of a presentation Google delivered to a room of game developers at the GDC Europe conference. The presentation showed off the Chrome Web Store, a marketplace for HTML5 apps Google announced during its I/O conference earlier this year.

So how do the others respond to this one. A tug-o-war I’m actually enjoying a lot now!

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Well Done Brands! Shifting Trends to Social Media Marketing

When it comes to fresh, quirky, out of the box and insane innovation, one TV channel will always be characterized by all this and more. MTV. The latest news to come out from the MTV crazies is their latest selection of the Twitter Jockey. The slow but powerful awakening of the brands towards social media networking is the result of a chain reaction, when the online success of one brand was noticed by many in the industries across the world. [...]

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