Super Evolution – Notice the Change?

The geeks are having a hard time garnering some breathing space and so is everyone else involved. Why? One innovation follows another. One Technological up-gradation follows another. One FaceBook follows another Google. Alright, the last one was a long shot, but you get the gist. What is baffling is the breakneck pace at which all these innovations are taking place. Not surprising then that you find breakthroughs in IT taking place all over the world and technology getting redundant almost as soon as it is created. We are in the world of Super-Evolution.

Within a span of a decade-and-a-half, the personal computer has almost been replaced by the laptop first, followed by the palmtop, and now the Ipad. All this in such a short span of time that almost everyday you wake up expecting to hear about a breakthrough technology that would change the face of the world, even before the prior technology gets a chance to do so. Pity those research guys who have housed themselves in their labs trying to make out computers and the world small enough to rest on our fingertips. And there is no guarantee that they would stop once this too is achieved.

Technology today is becoming the lighthouse to our thinking. The way we behave and interact in the modern world is guided by the technology that surrounds us. The parks, which were once filled to the brim with children prancing around, bear close to a deserted look; and you don’t have to look far to find out where this population has disappeared -  In their homes, in-front of the laptops or play-stations. As we build technology that becomes smarter by the day and hand them over to the general public, we create a dependency. A dependency on the comfort created by technology, a dependency on the ease of work and a dependency on getting things done – Automatically. Now you might think that I might be heading towards an OPED on Terminator- The Rise of the Machines, but this is something a little less severe and threatening though equally thought provoking.

But not all is grey in the Techno-World we live in. Where on one hand my questions will be raised about the effect of technology on society at large, but on the other hand, the massive impact technology has had on the world of business is quite extraordinary. A regular pen can last for months and even a year- Why? Because we don’t use it often enough! You enter any corporate office on the face of the earth and all you’d hear is the tapping of the keys of laptop or computer keyboard. Better still, the touch-screen technology will make the keyboard redundant soon, similar to what the touch-pad did to the mouse! We are loaded with technology on the go – when we walk, when we travel, when we work, when we play – It’s everywhere. Its air! If I begin listing the kind of hi-tech products which are available out there, then I might end up exhausting more than a thousand pages on Google.

Imagine the number of businesses that technology has created. Who would have thought that an online search engine like Google, which is a super-smart, super-fast online version of Yellow Pages, would shape the way business is run throughout the world? Or who would have predicted that terms like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay per click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) would become the topics of heated discussion around coffee tables and water coolers.

Welcome to the world which never sleeps, where everything is connected, where books are a thing of the past and where robots are finally made to behave like humans. Welcome to the world of Super-Evolution.

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