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Search engine optimization doesn’t necessarily involve any special skill. All it need is market knowledge and little common sense. As common sense is the most uncommon thing, many people keep on speculating about search engines without even knowing the actual work of search engines. There isn’t any rule for getting visibility in any search engine. It all depends on how you manage to use all the seo tools for better results. Here are few points which can help you know little more about the search engines.


Many believe that every search engine functions according to their own algorithm which is often true. Search engine algorithm changes and varies. Many SEOs work painstakingly to decipher the tactics of the search engines. You might find numerous books and programs which emphasize on cracking the algorithm of each engine. But this isn’t an easy task at all as these methods will change intermittently and as soon as it changes your site might fall. It’s a never ending process. It is quite time consuming and expensive also.

Keyword with good copy

Clients often believe that the content for search engines is different from that for visitors, which is a myth. A good copy should be useful for the visitors as well as search engines. Good content should not only look good but also utilize keywords. You need to have skill while writing a web copy. It’s better to get professional writers than just SEOs for a good copy.

Flash and Animation

People believe in making catchy and appealing websites for which they put heavy graphics and Flash animation. These adornments don’t help them in getting good search results because search engines can’t read Flash pages. There search engines find it difficult to decipher the information about the website. Content is the only thing which helps search engines to know about the website. Hence it is essential to have a balance between the content and the graphics. The ultimate aim of any website is to sell the products or services. But when you have many graphic without valuable content then it might only attract the visitor without making them your potential customers.

Actual site optimization

It is common that people create several sites to optimize there one site. This is seen in websites with either no content or bogus content. These website owners rely more on link popularity than content. If you want to popularize your site then relevant content can help you a lot, you even don’t need to create several sites. For better optimization you can should put pertinent information in your website along with the keywords.

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