Raking in the moolah- Whose got Facebook shares?

The possibilities of what could have been if any of us had something/anything to do with the beginning of Facebook! A couple of thousand shares in the social media giant, and I could be among the lucky few who have already started selling their Facebook shares, at a mind-boggling Facebook value estimation of $50 billion. This is one of the most insane number ever to have thrown around in the tech market. (Valuation of Google is a completely different thing!).

It was just a few weeks ago that Accel Partners sold off around half a billion dollars of Facebook shares at a company valuation of $35 billion. Well, that’s just peanuts when it comes to what happened last week. Approximately $40 million changed hands last week in a Facebook share auction held by SecondMarket. The end price per share was $20.76, and about 1.9 million shares were bought and sold. Based on this, orovided that there are already around 2.5 billion shares outstanding after a 5-1 stock split earlier this year, that values Facebook at around $50 billion.

I could think of thousands of things big, small, valuable, insane – which I could buy with that kind of dough! Alright lets get cracking with comparisons. At a $50 billion valuation Facebook is :-

*more than 1/4th the market capitalization of Google
*nearly 1/4th the value of Microsoft
*Worth more than eBay and Yahoo as well
*Closing on Amazon’s $80 billion valuation

And as far as we know it, Facebook is only getting bigger and with the much anticipated Facebook IPO due in an year or two, who knows what exact valuation would be made of this online phenomenon which has taken the social networking world by storm.

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