Prepare you Campaigns for Valentine’s Day

Cupid’s favourite day is one of the biggest single business day for Ecommerce!

The next big online shopping season is upon us. Whether you’re an online jewellery seller, a chocolate retailer or flower shop willing to take advantage of this once a year event, make sure you get your customers hooked with “Love at First Search”.

Already we’re seeing Google searches related to Valentine’s Day increase 35% compared to last year. Here’s is some advice to help you maximize your return on investment (ROI) on your AdWords campaigns around Valentine’s Day.

1.) Timing matters

90% of gifts are purchased within 3 weeks of Valentine’s Day. Even further, half of all gifts are purchased within the week before Valentine’s Day. So, keep a tab on your budgets around the shopping season and make sure your campaign is live and users find you when they’re searching.

2.) Go mobile – your customers already have

Customers use Smartphone differently than their PCs or tablets.  Smartphone customers are often close to a point of purchase in search of deals, and doing price comparisons. So, start a mobile marketing campaign this valentine’s day.

3.) Don’t miss the shopping season by running into billing issues

Make sure your payment gateway is in place to handle the transactions around the peak shopping season. Sometimes the large volume of transactions result in billing issues, and lost opportunity for the advertiser.

Now go woo your customers with your sweetest Valentine’s Day ad campaign yet.  Happy selling!

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