Now track your E-mails with Google Chrome

Fed up of constant late replies to your emails by a subordinate, at office?

Voila! Google Chrome now allows you to track when and where your email was opened and read by the recipient. San Francisco based start up, Streak, has developed the free browser extension to be used with a Gmail account. It notifies the senders when their emails were read and the location as well, by putting the email on a map. By putting the email on a map, Streak not only tells the location of the email, but also provides real-time location updates about the recipients.

The initial hype around the app has also been met with cautious criticism, in light of the recent NSA Leaks, although Streak rebuffs the fears by claiming that it helps tracking important emails, sent at crucial hours. True to its sneaky attribute, one sees an eye icon on the email, which turns green the moment the email is opened. The recipient of the email will not be notified that the email was being tracked and doesn’t need to have Streak installed either, for the sender to track the email. However, the debate is on whether the extension intrudes into the private space of users, who are uninformed about the extension or shall it be restricted for corporate use only. However, Streak has primarily been designed for Online Reputation Management and comprises tools for scheduling mails, sales, recruitment etc. in addition to Google Apps for enterprises. Whether it finds favor with the severely guarded corporate world, is what we are waiting to know.

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