The Awesome new Extension for Google Chrome

The all new Highlight Search extension is definitely a great new extension added to the Chrome web browser by Google. The new feature lets you search for the highlighted text on a page by bringing in a magnifying glass right below the highlighted text. In very simple words, this cool new extension lets you search for keywords much more quickly and easily.

By either clicking on the icon or the keywords itself, search-box with Autocomplete enabled appears for you to search quickly and easily. A tiny Google Search overlay box with that word would appear once the word is highlighted and the word would already be there in the search box.
Along with this, an auto-suggest drop-down would also be populated just in case you’re looking for something related.

What this does to search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing in general is yet to be seen though.

With 11,641 users already, the extension is getting downloaded at the rate of knots!

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