How to Use Facebook as a Web Marketing Tool: Facebook Marketing

One fact which has become a hot topic of discussion lately has been the perfect ways to use Facebook as a tool to increase traffic to your blog. Let us have a look at a few tips which you could implement to successfully increase the traffic to your blog / website through Facebook:- 

1. Make your Profile Informative and Exhaustive

What is the purpose behind the creation of a profile on Facebook? It is

  1. To build a brand name for yourself
  2. To portray or establish yourself as an expert in field
  3. To generate leads or traffic to your website or blog

Whatever the purpose, the bottom-line remains that your profile showcases exactly what you want the users to know about you. Making friends on Facebook might look like an easy task, but to attract those people, who would actually be beneficial to you and your blog, is a mighty difficult process to begin with. Always make sure that you come across as a person who is willing to share and gather knowledge which is valued by the community you target.

While searching for the right kind of friends, keep in mind the demographics you are targeting. Facebook gives you the option to search through various variables like name, company, place, school, college etc. The good thing about Facebook is that not only are you able to connect with the people you already know, but also the ones who don’t and would like to get in touch with. Who knows when you might come across an individual who would work wonders for your business?

One thing to keep in mind is that you should not go bonkers adding friends in frenzy. Facebook dislikes it and you might end up getting banned for a few days on Facebook.

2. Join the right Groups or Create Your Own Group

Facebook provides you the luxury of making your own groups and inviting people to join them. The group can be based on any theme, ranging from social work to business to entertainment. Depending on the nature of your business, you can start off a group that attracts a major number of facebook users. You can also join other groups to make your presence felt, so that people start having credibility in your knowledge and look upto you for your expertise. You can even send out group invitations to all of your Facebook friends.

3. Create a Facebook Page

One of the most important things to do for a business on Facebook is the creation of a fanpage. Fanpages provide tremendous networking potential from where you can keep your fans updated about your company’s latest offerings as well as share valuable information. Facebook company fanpages are a great way to engage people into your conversations and make them more aware about your website and your blog. Facebook pages can only be created by official representatives for a company, brand or celebrity.  Always make sure that the content which you post on these fanpages in engaging and informative so that more and more people pay return visits to the page.

4. Integrate your Other Social Accounts to Your Facebook Profile and Page

Right now, a tremendous number of applications exist on Facebook, which allow you to integrate all your social networking presence on the Facebook fanpage itself. This helps in driving the traffic in the way you like with the added benefit of people knowing of your all-round activities on the internet. Take the time to link your blog’s RSS feed to your status updates, link your Twitter feed, SlideShare content, and so on to your Facebook profile or page. In this way, whatever updates you make on all these websites would be instantly updated and displayed on your Facebook fanpage.

Encourage people to visit your Facebook fanpage by providing links on your website and everywhere you post and become a part of a conversation or a discussion.

5. Acknowledge and Reciprocate

Consistency is the name of the game on Facebook. Once you have made friends of fans for your fanpage, it is important to engage these fans and regularly acknowledge their comments or feedback. Always be willing to converse with them so that the fans too consider themselves an important part of your page.

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