How to make Twitter work for you

Droopy eyes, stiff fingers and overworked wrists. Is Twitter the reason for all of this? A recent article posted in Business Insider speaks volumes about how Twitter is taking away the freedom of the mind and is shackling the time and space of those on it. People are actually reflecting on the dampening feeling that Twitter can give, once you are logged-on to it 24/7 on your laptop or mobile. Clogged up timelines on twitter with people tweeting about almost everything imaginable and that too at a breathtaking speed. Wonder where all this gyan is coming from? You might find yourself running your eyes wildly trying to catch a glimpse of what is relevant and what is a rant.

What sometimes is ever more irritating and even excruciating is that people tend to tweet about almost everything occurring in their lives, whatever comes to their mind. Sharing has become much of a nuisance as if no one has anything better to do. Our body and more importantly are feeling the heat of keeping up with such a haphazard race to tweet (especially if you are following hundreds of people).

This piece deals with how one could tackle this Twitter Fatigue in the most efficient manners available today:-

Get rid of those noisy updates

In case you are following more than a thousand people on Twitter, chances are your eyes will actually feel numb and overworked due to the speed of the changing timeline. In between the hoola-hoopla of everyone talking about everything, what matters is the person you follow and would want to see on your timeline. When this becomes imperative, the solution comes in the form of Tweetdeck, an application that lets you toggle between multiple accounts. It also helps you in separating who you follow along with @replies and direct messages into columns.  For a more targeted experience, one could use apps like Seesmic and Hootsuite.

I follow you, you follow me

Before getting into the debate about the importance of following back the ones who follow you, there are many applications out there which help you in managing the people you choose to follow. An application which offers an auto-follow option for greater convenience is SocialOomph. You don’t really have to keep a track of all the people who follow you, as the application automatically starts following these followers. But SocialOomph gives you 72 hours to review your new followers and see if you would like to proceed with the auto-follow.

I’m losing my touch

Have you always been a tech-junkie or presented yourself as a social media magnate? Have you always been a part of the online community that talks about all these subjects and have followed people who speak the same language? In the glut of things, do you find yourself bogged down by everyone talking about the same things over and over again? Somewhat like a mini-personal crisis that makes you stay aways from Twitter. A few tips to overcome the same:

  • Start following a different breed of people altogether – Try finding people with a new story to tell on a different and out-of-your-league subject. This would keep you on your toes every time he/she tweets about something offbeat. Try Twitter Chats and follow people who you are influential and make sense when they tweet. Tools like WeFollowTwellow and Listorious can be used to find Twitterers and Twitter lists by categories.
  • Make Tweet experience an Interesting affair – Now that you’ve already taken care of the above mentioned steps, you can begin putting the spice back into your tweets and making it an exhilarating experience for you and your followers. Twitter can be fun only when it is taken as fun. Otherwise there’s nothing much to it than 140 characters and a few shared links.

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