HOW TO: Generate Leads From Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. Here is how you can make the most of it.

Lead generation through email marketing and through banners on social media websites and blogs has been a ubiquitous practice since a long time. But with the rise of mobile browsing and searching to mainstream prominence, the tactics and methods need to change now, or businesses will risk being left behind.
It is important to understand that the behavior of the customers during mobile browsing is very different than it is while browsing online. So your strategy, content and design needs to adjust itself accordingly. The most important thing you need to understand about mobile browsing and lead generation through it is that even though mobile browsing enjoys a handsome percentage of browsing and searching share, people (like to) spend considerably lesser time on mobile websites, articles, and forms than they do on desktop websites. This is because mobile browsing is usually intermittent, and is done in between tasks to pass time. This is why, you have to be even more precise and bang-on with your aim. Here are 6 tips that will help you with it.

Mobile Website

Either have a responsive website or have a dedicated mobile website. Full desktop websites look very crammed and disorganized on mobile screens, which can turn the user off and urge him to browse away. Having a mobile website allows you to position the links as you want, on the top or the very beginning of the webpage so that you do not have to rely on the user to navigate to the bottom and only then get to see the important links.
For mobile content, follow the 10-second rule. This means that the readers should know what the article is all about within the first 10 seconds. This could be done by beginning the article with the punch line or mentioning the crux of the article in the summary.


The Call-to-Action buttons on the mobile website should be simple, large and readable. This not only makes them more prominent and readable but also makes them more tempting to tap on. It is actually true that compelling CTA buttons urge users to tap on them more often.
Have a look at the CTA buttons used by Nike on their mobile website to pre-order their Hypervenom range of football boots.

Nike Mobile Website Call-to-Action Buttons

Progressive Profiling

Users just do not like forms. And if the form is unnecessarily long or requires them to fill in information that they have already filled before, you can be sure to wave them goodbye and see other, more diligent businesses gain them. To avoid this, have short forms, as short as possible. You do not need to have all the information in the world about them in the lead phase itself. And above all, auto-fill information that they have already filled in somewhere on some other web page, or have chosen an option somewhere. A little bit of code from your end would make their job much easier and would prompt them to continue on your website.

Discounts and Loyalty Benefits

Gaining unique traffic once is good. But having users return again and again is much better. This can be made possible by giving healthy discounts and other loyalty benefits to returning customers or visitors that is made available through your mobile website. You can also give out weekend discounts, festive discounts, promotions, offers or combo schemes that will encourage users to return to your website again and again. The same can be redeemed through promo codes, subscriptions, etc.

SMS Campaigns

Mobile SMS campaigns are still very popular and are used by some of the biggest names in each industry. You can ask users to text them while purchasing and instantly offer them a discount on their purchase. This way, you get to collect a database after which you can send them an SMS about once or twice a month (but not more than that) about any new discount or offer that your brand is offering. Also, you should add a line to help them unsubscribe by texting back in case they want to.

Using these simple techniques, you can easily generate more leads from mobile marketing and make the most of them to give your business a boost.

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