Google Webmasters Tools Becomes More Efficient with Recent Updates

Hosting a website over Internet does not guarantee a prosperous business in the virtual world. Almost every website hosted on Internet stumbles upon varied technical issues and Google Webmaster Tool is a web service, assisting webmasters in dealing with many such technical problems. Google Webmaster Tool provides a gamut of options that can be easily used for diagnosing, troubleshooting and correcting technical problems related to a website. To improve the utility and a better user experience, Google has introduced some changes in the webmasters tool and the changes made are definitely useful for web design companies and SEO agency.

Here you can find some of the latest updates in the Google Webmasters tool which are highly useful for SEO companies.

Track More Queries from Potential Customers

Earlier, SEO companies handling websites were able to view only 100 queries using Google Webmaster Queries. But, after the recent changes made, a pagination button has been added which allows webmasters to view more than one hundred search queries data for the website. With this feature, SEO experts can keep a track of large numbers of queries simultaneously and they can even analyze the queries to find out the needs and requirements of the customers. For instance, if a web design company receives more queries related to a particular service or product, more importance can be given to that specific product.

Graphs for Top Search Queries

Previously, SEO companies could access data about the top search queries through their account at Google Webmaster Tool. For a graphical representation, SEOs in India usually had to prepare graphs and charts on their own by using the data available in the account. However, now, Google creates charts along with providing data and webmasters can utilize their time studying these graphs rather than creating them.

Along with this, SEO India experts can study top search queries data with respect to time as well. By selecting the data range selector, you can easily view what were the top search queries in a particular time frame.

Alerts for Site Health

Erroneous website is one of the most common problems faced by any web design company. For webmasters who handle large numbers of websites, it is daunting to trace which website is running properly and which is not. To solve this problem, Google Webmaster Tool now offers a feature that alerts the website manager on threats and errors in a website.

For reading more on this Google Webmaster Tool update, visit google webmasters blog.

Access Top Search Queries Data from Google Analytics Too!

Reports containing detailed information about top search queries such as impressions, clicks and CTR can now be accessed through Google Analytics as well. To know on how to avail this most recent feature, read here.

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