Google Webmaster New Feature – Percentage Change of Search Queries

Google Webmasters adds new feature to its reporting tool – Percentage Change in the Search Queries section.

Google webmasters has introduced a great new tool that lets you keep a track of the percentage change occurring in the Page impressions, Total number of clicks, the click through rate and average position change for a particular keyword at given period of time.

The new feature certainly makes life a lot easier for the webmasters and SEO professionals out there because the introduction of a percentage change feature would provide the following benefits:-

  • Easier to keep track of the changes taking place in the above mentioned variables.
  • Tracking the changes occurring over a defined period of time is a lot easier.
  • It is a great tool for preparing effective reports for the SEOs.

This new feature has been introduced in the Search Queries column wherein you can watch the periodical (option provided) changes in the impressions or CTR or average position change for a keyword.

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