Google Toolbar Page Rank update September 2010

Woke up to a pleasant surprise or a rude shock? If you’ve been the owner of a website for sometime then you would be pretty used to such surprises which are thrown out by Google. Just when you think that the Page rank of your website is going up, BANG – it is shot down by another algorithm change by Google.

It has happened again. Google last night (again) changed its algorithm that it uses to rank the websites. The kind of impact Page Rank has on the search engine ranking of a website is a well known fact although even a Page Rank of 10 would not be a sure-shot guarantee for a top search ranking.

The cycle for Google Page Rank happens 4 times a year although minor changes in the algorithm are made almost on a monthly basis. The prediction season was on for quite some-time now with the SEO industry abuzz with rumors of an algorithm change. Now that it has happened and your website page ranks have plummeted or soared, you could take those necessary precautions to make your website rank higher the next time.

The internal linking of the web pages on the website is really important and this should be done on the basis of various factors like page relevancy, the amount of traffic generated by the pages from different websites etc.

Lets just hope that you did a better job this time around and your search rankings have shown a marked increase towards the positive.

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