A Search Engine Giant no More – Google Celebrates 12th Birthday

As Google celebrates its 12th birthday with a pretty little cake doodle, we assess how like any other startup, Google too begun with a humble approach. Google began in January 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were both PhD students at Stanford University in California. Since then the Search Engine giant has ventured into almost every industry possible, so much so that lately it has been accused of prying into the sensitive information of users, available through its huge data base and using the same to come up with customized ad campaigns as well a controversy on the selling of such sensitive information to the highest bidders among the corporates.

The 12th birthday of Google marks an era in which it is at a constant tug-o-war with Facebook on one hand and Apple on the other. Although the war between these internet and technology giants begun on separate fronts, but it is surely getting converged with the convergence of technologies.  With 500 million plus users, Facebook has dealt a major blow to Google in the area of user-time-spent as well as the pay-per-click targeted and customized ads.

Apple on the other hand battles Google on the technology front and the companies are predicted to be at loggerheads in the mobile advertising category as Apple had come up with its iAd. Where Google announced its Android Froyo, Google TV, mobile ads and streaming media, Apple too announced its Apple Tv.

Google begun its journey of  global internet domination in an era where social networking was at a very very nascent stage and Apple wasn’t that big. But now, with both Facebook and Apple becoming forces to reckon with and new start-ups gaining momentum, competition is getting stiffer for the Search Giant. Innovation remains the key

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