Google ads get Visual

Now here´s something we had been waiting for a long time now. For a long time now Google has cluttered up its search interface with text ads. The Google Product Listing Ads have been a huge source of revenue for the search engine giant and therefore the new feature introduced in the search results, for us, took longer than expected.

So what can we expect from these revamped Google Product Listing Ads? Expecting these Google Ads to get better reception from the users is pretty much expected and the initial results have been pretty encouraging. The new feature ha been introduced in the United States so far and the world, as always, would gradually follow.

Speaking on the same, a spokesperson from Google said,” We have “found that people are twice as likely to click on a Product Listing Ad as they are to click on a standard text ad in the same location.” Therefore the excitement surrounding the new step is pretty much justified.

Google ads before this step had around 800 advertisers, but now the focus has been expanded to include Google’s entire advertiser base. So better start expecting a little more perked up and graphic driven ads on Google and the advertisers too can start expecting better results for their Google Ads.

Another reason to be on Google and get the most out of your  search engine marketing tools.

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