FaceBook success means More Social Networks on the Horizon

Remember the days when Microsoft was sued for monopoly. Well not much is happening on the Microsoft front apart from the company making waves in Cloud Computing; but that too is confined to the hardcore business sector till now. Ever since Google happened (Google’s a noun, a verb, an adjective and what not!), things have taken a dramatic turn in almost every social and business sector of the world. We have reached a stage when Google has forayed into almost every sector imaginable and has led to people actually getting scared of the dominance of Google! Ever since Microsoft, Google has been the company that has captivated every mind in the post-globalized world and rightly so.

The extent, to which Google has impacted lives, individually is something hugely interesting and alarming at the same time. We are living in a world which thrives on Google – For leisure, for work, for education, for socializing (err!) and what not! Whenever someone talks of Google, figures in millions and billions come to the mind and until 2008, it was hard to imagine anyone else posing a miniscule threat to the search engine giant; let alone a competition. But enter FaceBook and we see some wrinkles appearing on the Google forehead. FaceBook has been a revelation, a blockbuster in the era of the mediocre and a rage when everything was a trend.

The grand-daddy of social networking, FaceBook has eclipsed absolutely anyone that boasted of being a competitor. 500 million users and counting, the website has become a synonym for fast, fun and freedom. Recent stats (U.S.A) reveal that among the social networking websites, Facebook captured an 85-percent share with members spending an average of six hours logged into the service during the month of June 2010. Skeptics would state the recent statistics of FaceBook along with Twitter causing a loss of upto £14 billion a year in lost working time. But still, the website remains a phenomenon like no other. In-fact ee have reached a stage when Google has locked horns with FaceBook for online supremacy; and we thought we would never see this day!

FaceBook is giving stiff competition to Google even for online advertising, and has created its own advertising module that rivals that of Google and not surprisingly it is doing pretty well. Social media search marketing is slowly gaining momentum and is been mentioned in the same breath as search engine marketing (SEM) or search engine optimization (SEO). In-fact if you are not there on FaceBook, then you surely missing out on a huge business opportunity. A look at the Fan-pages of brands on FaceBook will almost convince you that it is more of a webpage than a fan-page! Social media optimization is the name of the game and a victory on FaceBook is quickly turning into a victory in the real world. FaceBook provides an interactive platform like no other where brands and companies can directly converse with their present and prospective clients and increase business manifolds.

But with the expansion of FaceBook, are rearing the questions of the social networking website having ambitions of global dominance. If the recent buying spree of FaceBook (it bought 18 patents of Friendster) is anything to go by, then it is surely headed in the direction of Google (many of you would be shaking their heads vigorously in disagreement). But the fact remains that no other company has managed to leapfrog the competition and grow at exponential levels in such quick a time. Many, who have invested heavily already in FaceBook are already keeping their fingers crossed that this does not turn out to be a bubble which would burst soon.

Rest assured, social networking for people and for business would continue to prosper for a very very long time. Just wait for another FaceBook to happen.

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