Facebook Revamps Birthday Messages to make it Less of a SPam

It was Ian’s birthday yesterday, and it coincided with the birthday of one of your friends in Australia. Instead of bringing a huge grin cover-to-cover, the birthday messages splattered over your FaceBook wall was a case of annoyance for you. FaceBook has played its part well this time around with the integration of the birthday messages under one post to avoid these birthday messages seem like a spam on your wall.

FaceBook, the social media giant, is testing a new design that would organize the birthday messages on a wall in a much better and efficient manner, which would facilitate in reading what others wrote to a person on his/her birthday, without it becoming a reason for irritation. The test design looks good to go and gels up well with the recent changes in the User Interface.

For long, friends birthdays on FaceBook have resulted in stolen spaces on your wall, which are completely dominated by such birthday stories. But now with this new design, all the related birthday posts would be placed under a common collapsible link, resulting in a better experience and interface.

So what is your take on this new design? Thumbs up or Thumbs Down?

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