How to Almost Sabotage a Dinner Party With Facebook ‘Places’

Posted a few days back but still interesting enough to mention. It will give you enough reasons to be atleast mildly skeptical of Facebook Places and the nuances attached with it. Do give it a read if you are thinking of boarding the Locate-Me-Whereve -I-am-Train.

The launch video has already been greeted with many raised eyebrows, but without sounding like a cynic, have a read through to what actually unfolded for these diners.

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My husband and I were waiting for two friends and, even before they could walk through the door, I checked all of us in at Zenon Taverna in New York City. I did so without their permission and, sure enough, a post linking all four of us to a restaurant in Queens popped up in more than 1,000 newsfeeds….. Continue Reading

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