Facebook Friendship Pages – Facebook turns sensitive

Say hello to the brand new Friendship Pages on Facebook. They are exactly as they sound like. Social media is taking a new turn with Facebook coming up with its Friendship pages. A little more elaboration on the same would tell you that these Facebook Friendship pages integrate the absolutely everything commonly related to two friends on facebook. This can be in the form of:-

  • Wall posts
  • Photos which need to be tagged so as to pull them to the Friendship page
  • The common events attended by two friends

This is certainly a great way to showcase (show off) the bond between two friends which has been shared on Facebook. This show of common activity is another step forward for Facebook after the Groups feature rolled out recently on the social networking website. Facebook in a way is trying to bring out the more sentimental side of social networking as the Friendship Pages do bring out the humane side of things and helping friends feel nostalgic everytime they peep into these pages after years.

How wonderful would be to look back on all the crazy conversations that these friends had at one point in time. Truly amazing.

So where can you find these friend pages on Facebook?

  • Look under the Display picture on profile of your friend, the friend pages would be accessible from there.
  • The wall-posts and stories too would provide you with the link to these pages.

There is the option of providing access/permission to others to view these pages, therefore further giving the required security to these pages. Although the announced date of launch of the Facebook Friendship Pages is today, but as always,. they would be rolled out gradually.

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One Response to “Facebook Friendship Pages – Facebook turns sensitive”

  • DC says:

    It would be rad if there were any privacy controls set to it. As of now, though, anyone can view any two people’s entire interaction history. That is not cool. It’s a great tool for personal reference and reminiscence for the two parties involved. Beyond that there need to be privacy settings and controls. The wall-to-wall was one thing. This is exponentially more intrusive.

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