Content with your Content?

There has been a considerable rise in social, local and personalized search and the old thought process that ‘content is king’ is changing. The content farming as it is called by Google focuses the unified perspective of content as a feasible SEO strategy.
Content is Evolving:-

When it comes to creating content, online marketers become digital conversationalist. Brands that focus their energies on SEO to create conceited content that may appeal to the brand, may miss the intention of pushing the brand to the audience. Rethinking and re-engineering the engagement process beyond the boundaries of likes, shares or tweets gained. While these aspects do have value, but driving the content strategy from a different angle helps.

The different angle:-

Your target market has its own make-ups. The catch lies in creating an appeal without saying a word about yourself. Understanding what peaks the interest of your customers helps you step out of the box to create a meaningful customer experience that is relevant and memorable.

Understanding your customer’s need:-

Relevant content creation lays down the path to create a connection between the brand and its customers. The only way to drive real customer engagement is to let go of what you’d like your customer to do for you and embrace what you can do for your customer.

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