Social Media Marketing is the Marketing Denominator

It’s Time!

Small brands often looked upto the bigger players for cues on marketing and ideas on branding. Haven’t the tables turned? Social media is the platform to be, no matter how big or small you are. It’s a haven for marketers who dream of reaching a vast number of people, and convincing them to become a loyal part of their brand. Believe it or not, on the fertile grounds of social media, size doesn’t really matter! This is itself is a big statement to make and would certainly raise many eyebrows. But think about it. Social media has provided the smaller brands a platform where they can carve a niche for themselves; something that wasn’t possible a few years from now in a cut-throat marketing environment which the conventional media provided. Money ruled the roost and the bigger the pockets, the bigger the bang.

News stories about small brands bringing in their innovation to create waves in the social media circles has become common and will continue to do so. But even in such scenarios, companies in countries like India still need convincing about the innumerable possibilities which exist for them in the field of Social media optimization. The cost involved – A fraction of their traditional media budget!

Social media is like a virus we, as marketers would like seeing spread far and wide. Know why? Because it means that one good word through word-of-mouth would be enough to carry our names across the globe. This is the power of social media. Our advice – Realize it before your competitors do. Alright, let us sight an example to support this claim:-

According to a new report by the social media consulting group Trendstream, which conducted the Welcome to Social Entertainment – Annual Report 2011, which surveyed 51,000 consumers globally between July 2009 and September 2010, stated that during this time period consumer participation in real-time social networks and microblogs grew 20 percent.

We’ve being saying it all along and now there are facts to prove the same.

Real-time Social interactions are rapidly changing the impact of social media by “creating an ongoing shared agenda and conversation that steers consumer involvement towards reacting and interacting with live events and discourse, rather than creating their own agenda or content,” the study said. This shift to “social entertainment” means more people will utilize social networking sites to filter the content they consume.

Another case in point:-

  • Of the 51,000 people that participated in the study, 10 percent make updates on Facebook daily and 24 percent update weekly.

Platforms like Twitter and Quora too continue to evolve and bring in tons of new marketing ideas for brands. People love to share content, some for professional reasons, some for mutually beneficial ones and some just want to look cool in their peer group. Give them what they need. Not because you should, but because you have to!

Business Use of Social Networking

Fact for thought – Consumer trust levels of companies with a social network presence rose by nearly 50 percent, compared with the 2.5 percent rise in trust associated with televised content.

This should be enough to convince to begin the social media journey for your brand.

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