Now track your E-mails with Google Chrome

Fed up of constant late replies to your emails by a subordinate, at office?

Voila! Google Chrome now allows you to track when and where your email was opened and read by the recipient. San Francisco based start up, Streak, has developed the free browser extension to be used with a Gmail account. It notifies the senders when their emails were read and the location as well, by putting the email on a map. By putting the email on a map, Streak not only tells the location of the email, but also provides real-time location updates about the recipients.

The initial hype around the app has also been met with cautious criticism, in light of the recent NSA Leaks, although Streak rebuffs the fears by claiming that it helps tracking important emails, sent at crucial hours. True to its sneaky attribute, one sees an eye icon on the email, which turns green the moment the email is opened. The recipient of the email will not be notified that the email was being tracked and doesn’t need to have Streak installed either, for the sender to track the email. However, the debate is on whether the extension intrudes into the private space of users, who are uninformed about the extension or shall it be restricted for corporate use only. However, Streak has primarily been designed for Online Reputation Management and comprises tools for scheduling mails, sales, recruitment etc. in addition to Google Apps for enterprises. Whether it finds favor with the severely guarded corporate world, is what we are waiting to know.

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Whats’app’ Facebook?

Facebook’s $19 billion deal last week, made it to the headlines of almost every leading daily across the globe. The news took the world by surprise but apparently, negotiations had been on for over two years, between the social media giant and the smartphone messaging major.

But here’s the befuddling question for most, “why is a free messaging app worth $19 billion?” Zuckerberg’s reply was simple. Whatsapp is a rare mass market service with over a billion users, making it “very valuable” and that the acquisition is in line with his vision to make the world more open and connected. When Facebook came out with its Initial Public Offering in May 2012, it had a strong mobile user base but no mobile advertising revenues, due to its failure to monetise those resources. The acquisition of Whatsapp is a step towards repairing that strategy, with Facebook already having a cushion of 1.2 billion users. Another lure for Facebook to shell out $19 billion was to tap into your smartphone address books. The data is immense and whatsapp’s 450 million users proved that in age of technologival advancements, private, one on one communication is not yet passe and here to stay. Facebook itself tried to invent and re-invent its own messaging applications, but was not successful in catching the customers’ eye like few of the other start ups. This stunning acquisition takes care of it quite smartly.

Whatsapp’s monetisation potential is probably what Zuckerberg was after, given its half a billion and growing users. With this single masterstroke, Facebook has managed to grab 18.4 percent of the mobile publicity market. Of the billion Facebook users, 75% access the social media site from their smartphones. With those staggering statistics, $19 billion does seem to be a resonable number, though the results will tell the final story. As things stand today, the colossal amount of the acquisition reaffirms the impact of private messaging. For parting thoughts, where does this leave the ‘good old SMS’?

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Prepare you Campaigns for Valentine’s Day

Cupid’s favourite day is one of the biggest single business day for Ecommerce!

The next big online shopping season is upon us. Whether you’re an online jewellery seller, a chocolate retailer or flower shop willing to take advantage of this once a year event, make sure you get your customers hooked with “Love at First Search”.

Already we’re seeing Google searches related to Valentine’s Day increase 35% compared to last year. Here’s is some advice to help you maximize your return on investment (ROI) on your AdWords campaigns around Valentine’s Day.

1.) Timing matters

90% of gifts are purchased within 3 weeks of Valentine’s Day. Even further, half of all gifts are purchased within the week before Valentine’s Day. So, keep a tab on your budgets around the shopping season and make sure your campaign is live and users find you when they’re searching.

2.) Go mobile – your customers already have

Customers use Smartphone differently than their PCs or tablets.  Smartphone customers are often close to a point of purchase in search of deals, and doing price comparisons. So, start a mobile marketing campaign this valentine’s day.

3.) Don’t miss the shopping season by running into billing issues

Make sure your payment gateway is in place to handle the transactions around the peak shopping season. Sometimes the large volume of transactions result in billing issues, and lost opportunity for the advertiser.

Now go woo your customers with your sweetest Valentine’s Day ad campaign yet.  Happy selling!



It was tech to begin with and then came the turn of customer services and now it’s Education that is becoming the next big thing in business outsourcing. The natural destination of business outsourcing throughout the world has been India, and that too for a very  long time.

India has always been the hub of technology and education and it was only a matter of time when Education too became one of the services added to the long list of outsourced serviced to India. Picture elementary kids sitting down everyday with headphones and mics over their heads in a school in London. They are connected to their teacher a few thousand miles away in a remote village in India. This is not a hypothetical situation; rather the current reality!

A company that goes by the name of BrightSpark Education, a London-based company set up last year, is employing and providing training to 100 teachers in Punjab to teach kids from the Ashmount Primary School in North London, to begin with. The teachers are put through the grill of coming to terms with the teaching methodology in Britain, so that they can perform accordingly when they are connected to their pupils through an interactive online tutoring program.

Most of you would be guessing about the kind of feedback that was gained from these pupils. Surprisingly, it was better than expeted and almost all the students liked the performance and the teaching methodology of the new outsourced teachers. The school and the parents too gave thumbs up to the same and more schools are expected to follow suit. The one-on-one sessions not only cost about half of what personal tutors in Britain charge but are also popular with pupils, who enjoy solving equations online, said Rebecca Stacey, an assistant head teacher at Ashmount.

“For children, it’s a novelty that catches their attention for longer and engages them in a different way,” Ms. Stacey said. “Eleven-year-olds aren’t always enthusiastic about math classes, so any way we can make it more fun for them is good.”

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The Google Doodle for John Lennon on his 70th Birthday

This is How Google Celebrated The Music Legend, John Lennon’s Birthday.

Amazing dedication. The Google Doodle commemorates the 70th birthday of John Lennon by integrating the Google Doodle which when clicked on plays the John Lennon song – I’m a Dreamer.

An amazing way to show an amazing gesture.

Happy Birthday John Lennon

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