Facebook page goes under the knife – Looks great!

The recent changes brought about by Facebook on its Fanpages is surely a welcome relief because one thing that the string of changes have brought to the Fanpage administrator is the level of personal touch and personality, which was missing in the earlier version of the same. The new fanpage, which currently is available on a optional basis would become a permanent or default feature from March 2011 onwards. On first glance the fanpage has the complete look and feel of a regular Facebook profile page. But as announced by Facebook earlier, the tabs have been done away with, and have been repositioned on the left panel, beneath the display picture.

Along with this, one striking addition to the new fanpage is the “Photos on the Top” feature. As is the case with the Facebook profile, the new fanpage displays 5 pictures alongside the display picture and what is even more exciting is what happens when you click on any of these pictures. A popup window opens up with the full picture along with the details about the picture as well as the options to share it. This should certainly excite the 600+ million users out there. One thing to note here is this area would not include any of the pictures posted by people who have “Liked” your page.

Another important alteration is the “Use Facebook as your Page” option. This feature allows you to receive notifications for your Page, view a News Feed for your Page, and like and post on other Pages as your Page and you have the option of switching between your profile and your fanpage as and when you need it. This also allows you to post on other pages with the name of your fanpage, a feature which was restricted to only the Facebook profiles.

Addition number 3 is the “Wall Filters” feature. Pages now have two publicly visible Wall filters-”Posts by Page” and “Everyone.” This function allows page administrators to view additional filters-”Most Recent” and “Hidden Posts.” This was something which was highly desired in the previous version of the fanpages.

For us, the most important addition has been the “E-mail notifications” feature. Through this, you can opt to receive notification when people comment or post on your page. This feature eases the work of the page admin to a certain extent as one doesn’t have to check the page over and over again to look for comments or posts by fans.

If you really want to, then you can even feature other pages which you like and even display your own picture of the picture of the other page admins through the “Featured Pages and admins” option. But how many page admins would actually take up this feature and displace their identity, remains to be seen.

Another important feature which has been added to the new Facebook fanpage is the “Mutual Connections”.  When people visit your Page, they will be able to view friends who also like your Page, as well as other Pages that both they and your Page like. Not is that cool or what?

To adjust with the tabs being introduced on the left side panel, the profile picture size too has been reduced from 200×600 earlier to 180×540.

All in all a job well done, but it remains to be seen how the users react to such changes and does it take the excitement out of the previous version of the Fanpages and the social media marketing as a result , with the tabs on top and in-line visibility.

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Social Media Marketing is the Marketing Denominator

It’s Time!

Small brands often looked upto the bigger players for cues on marketing and ideas on branding. Haven’t the tables turned? Social media is the platform to be, no matter how big or small you are. It’s a haven for marketers who dream of reaching a vast number of people, and convincing them to become a loyal part of their brand. Believe it or not, on the fertile grounds of social media, size doesn’t really matter! This is itself is a big statement to make and would certainly raise many eyebrows. But think about it. Social media has provided the smaller brands a platform where they can carve a niche for themselves; something that wasn’t possible a few years from now in a cut-throat marketing environment which the conventional media provided. Money ruled the roost and the bigger the pockets, the bigger the bang.

News stories about small brands bringing in their innovation to create waves in the social media circles has become common and will continue to do so. But even in such scenarios, companies in countries like India still need convincing about the innumerable possibilities which exist for them in the field of Social media optimization. The cost involved – A fraction of their traditional media budget!

Social media is like a virus we, as marketers would like seeing spread far and wide. Know why? Because it means that one good word through word-of-mouth would be enough to carry our names across the globe. This is the power of social media. Our advice – Realize it before your competitors do. Alright, let us sight an example to support this claim:-

According to a new report by the social media consulting group Trendstream, which conducted the Welcome to Social Entertainment – Annual Report 2011, which surveyed 51,000 consumers globally between July 2009 and September 2010, stated that during this time period consumer participation in real-time social networks and microblogs grew 20 percent.

We’ve being saying it all along and now there are facts to prove the same.

Real-time Social interactions are rapidly changing the impact of social media by “creating an ongoing shared agenda and conversation that steers consumer involvement towards reacting and interacting with live events and discourse, rather than creating their own agenda or content,” the study said. This shift to “social entertainment” means more people will utilize social networking sites to filter the content they consume.

Another case in point:-

  • Of the 51,000 people that participated in the study, 10 percent make updates on Facebook daily and 24 percent update weekly.

Platforms like Twitter and Quora too continue to evolve and bring in tons of new marketing ideas for brands. People love to share content, some for professional reasons, some for mutually beneficial ones and some just want to look cool in their peer group. Give them what they need. Not because you should, but because you have to!

Business Use of Social Networking

Fact for thought – Consumer trust levels of companies with a social network presence rose by nearly 50 percent, compared with the 2.5 percent rise in trust associated with televised content.

This should be enough to convince to begin the social media journey for your brand.

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E2 Solutions becomes a Google certified partner

E2 Solutions added another feather to its cap by attaining the recognition of a Google AdWords Certified Partner. It is a just reward for the proficiency and skill that we have showcased over and over again in the field of Search Advertising, having worked with over 700 companies and maintained highest service standards throughout.

The certification further cements our authority as a top service provider in search advertising. For us, this is a just one of the many milestones which we have achieved and would continue to do so in the future.

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Raking in the moolah- Whose got Facebook shares?

The possibilities of what could have been if any of us had something/anything to do with the beginning of Facebook! A couple of thousand shares in the social media giant, and I could be among the lucky few who have already started selling their Facebook shares, at a mind-boggling Facebook value estimation of $50 billion. This is one of the most insane number ever to have thrown around in the tech market. (Valuation of Google is a completely different thing!).

It was just a few weeks ago that Accel Partners sold off around half a billion dollars of Facebook shares at a company valuation of $35 billion. Well, that’s just peanuts when it comes to what happened last week. Approximately $40 million changed hands last week in a Facebook share auction held by SecondMarket. The end price per share was $20.76, and about 1.9 million shares were bought and sold. Based on this, orovided that there are already around 2.5 billion shares outstanding after a 5-1 stock split earlier this year, that values Facebook at around $50 billion.

I could think of thousands of things big, small, valuable, insane – which I could buy with that kind of dough! Alright lets get cracking with comparisons. At a $50 billion valuation Facebook is :-

*more than 1/4th the market capitalization of Google
*nearly 1/4th the value of Microsoft
*Worth more than eBay and Yahoo as well
*Closing on Amazon’s $80 billion valuation

And as far as we know it, Facebook is only getting bigger and with the much anticipated Facebook IPO due in an year or two, who knows what exact valuation would be made of this online phenomenon which has taken the social networking world by storm.

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Google ads get Visual

Now here´s something we had been waiting for a long time now. For a long time now Google has cluttered up its search interface with text ads. The Google Product Listing Ads have been a huge source of revenue for the search engine giant and therefore the new feature introduced in the search results, for us, took longer than expected.

So what can we expect from these revamped Google Product Listing Ads? Expecting these Google Ads to get better reception from the users is pretty much expected and the initial results have been pretty encouraging. The new feature ha been introduced in the United States so far and the world, as always, would gradually follow.

Speaking on the same, a spokesperson from Google said,” We have “found that people are twice as likely to click on a Product Listing Ad as they are to click on a standard text ad in the same location.” Therefore the excitement surrounding the new step is pretty much justified.

Google ads before this step had around 800 advertisers, but now the focus has been expanded to include Google’s entire advertiser base. So better start expecting a little more perked up and graphic driven ads on Google and the advertisers too can start expecting better results for their Google Ads.

Another reason to be on Google and get the most out of your  search engine marketing tools.

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