E2 Solutions helps TMC in creating new online recruitment paradigms

E2 Solutions has successfully launched the website for TMC Japan. TMC is a specialist executive search and recruitment company. The website has a multilingual interface and currently consists of 4 sub-domains which provide job listings from 4 countries, namely Japan, China, Singapore and Hong Kong. An option for adding further sub-domains has also been integrated in the website.

E2 Solutions has ensured that the visitors to this site have a unique user experience through a terrific user interface in what can only called as a masterpiece in web designing. The website dons an impressive navigation system and provides immense administrative freedom with expandable menus and countries listing. Companies too can visit the website and post feature jobs .TMC is a specialist consulting firm catering to foreign capital enterprises, dedicated exclusively to placing qualified bilingual mid and upper level professionals.

Written by: E2 Solutions, Category: Client Updates