Access Whole Fan lists of Facebook Fan Pages on your Smartphone

Talks of Facebook and its issues with privacy have kept the social media world abuzz for a long time. The social networking website has grown to such huge proportions that for it to have problems with providing security to its users and their personal information, is always going to be a reason for concern. This isn’t surprising given that Facebook too is built on a technological platform known to an individual and it is but natural that another individual with a greater knowledge would be able to breach the firewalls of the website. Almost every day, one gets to hear news about people quitting Facebook over security issues or the profile information of people being leaked onto other sites all over the world.

One thing that all of us know is that when visits a particular Fan Page belonging to any product, service, brand, cause or an individual, one cannot actually go through the entire fan listing of the fanpage. Only a particular allowed number fans can be seen at one time and thus the entire listing is pretty much secure and hidden from other members.

One good thing about such a feature is that other brands can’t really poach on the fans of the others as they don’t have access to the fan list. This is a great advantage to the administrator of the fanpage as he/she can see the number of fans grow on his fanpage without having a shadow of doubt about a rival brand poaching on them.

Well. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this too is possible now. While accessing a fanpage through my cellphone (Blackberry), I had logged onto Facebook and visited a particular fanpage and to my utter surprise, I could actually go through the whole list of 5000 odd fans on that page. The fanpage opened up like any other profile of a friend added to my list. I could easily access the full fans list with no prompts. This might give new ideas to the brands out there, who constantly have a a keen eye on the growth of the rival brands and are looking for an opportunity to make any kind of a headway.

Facebook security concerns will almost never be done with as someone or the other is bound to live upto the challenge posed by Facebook or for that matter any other website. It becomes a responsibility on the part of the users too to understand to not share each and every sensitive aspect of their life online as no matter how hard one may try, there would always be security breaches on the internet, putting you and your online reputation at risk.

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