Access SEO Data Directly with Your Google Analytics Account

To endow web users with useful and state-of-the-art products and services, Google is always aboard implementing changes in the existing products. The recent addition to the list of updates carried out by Google is the integration of Google Webmasters Tool data and Google Analytics. Earlier in June, Google conducted a pilot program to review this feature and it surfaced as a great hit amongst webmasters, web owners and leading SEO companies. In response to this heartily welcome received, this feature is available to all the webmasters, website owners and SEO companies, for efficient and advanced tracking of websites’ performance.

How to Link Google Webmasters Tool & Google Analytics

Now, before you can avail this latest update introduced by Google, it is required to link the existing accounts at Google Webmasters Tool and Google Analytics. Associating the two accounts is straightforward and it can be accomplished after performing the following steps.

  1. Open Webmaster Tools Account.
  2. Select the website you want to manage and click on ‘Manage site’ written against the site selected.
  3. Dropdown Menu opens. Click on Google Analytics property.
  4. Now, select the web property to be associated with the chosen site.
  5. Hit Save & both the accounts are linked now.

What Happens on Linking Google Webmasters Tool & Google Analytics

People who were lucky enough to participate in the pilot program might be familiar with the results of the integration of these Google products but a large number of individuals are still unaware of it. Here are mentioned the results of linking Webmasters Tool & Analytics accounts:

1. Webmasters Tool Data in Analytics Report

With linked accounts, the SEO data (from webmasters tool) can be accessed in Google Analytics report, which ultimately helps SEOs as they get all the details at one place.  To locate the search engine optimization data through your Analytics account, follow the below-mentioned steps:

*  Open the Analytics Report Dashboard of the desired website (New Interface).

*  Click on the tab – Traffic Sources (On Left sidebar).

*  Click on Search Engine Optimization option & view detailed information on queries, landing pages and geographical summary.

2. Access Google Analytics from Webmasters Tool Account

Similarly, you can get access to the information in Google Analytics account directly from Webmasters tool without requiring any separate login. By clicking on links such as ‘Sitelinks’, ‘Search Queries’ and ‘Links to your site’ from Webmasters tool, the user is redirected to his Google Analytics account.

This integration between Webmasters Tool and Google Analytics has definitely made webmasters, website owners and even leading SEO companies smile. With the launch of this feature, all the details regarding the performance of the website can be accessed in one place. A single access to both the accounts not just saves time but also assists in keeping the information in an organized manner. For readers who are new to the world of SEO, learning about other recent updates in Google Analytics would help in understanding your website in a better way.

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