5 SEO Mistakes that Webmasters Do that Affects Search Engine Rankings

A little knowledge is dangerous and the norm is applicable to SEO practices as well. There are serious blunders that webmasters often commit without doing in-detailed study about aforesaid optimization tactics. Here, we have listed five most common mistakes that adversely affect their search engine rankings.

Penalization against Over-Optimization

Search engines check for a number of elements relating to a website that testify its fate on the SERPs. There is a definite penalty for over-compliance with well-established optimization norms as they sound artificial and unethical. Practices involving heavy keyword stuffing, Meta-tag cramming, excessive usage of H1 tags and like practices invites Google and search engine penalization.

Diverting Visitor Through Refresh Meta-tags

Now that refresh Meta-tags is used to instruct a web browser to robotically refresh the current page after a given time frame, it is often used to fetch a different URL as the page is refreshed. However, to promote a certain web pages/services webmasters set the refresh time slot to either very low or zero at times. This practice misleads the browsers and is often regarded as “unnatural” from search engines.

Avoid Too Much Page Edit – It Reduces Consistency

In order to ward off SERP manipulations through drastic keyword, theme or content alteration,   Google is switching between “newer” cache to “older” cache and sometimes both to draw the information. Expect to see drastic changes in the SERPs if you too have implemented “greedy” optimization practices.

Dynamic Pages

Using dynamic pages is often problematic from search engine optimization point of view. The pitfalls include longer URLs, condensed variables etc. and lots of session IDs. These URLs hard to understand and difficult to get crawled by search engines and even create duplicate content on several dynamic URLs.

Connectivity to Bad Sites

Connectivity to Link farms, Free for All – FFA sites, porn sites and other unethical sites leads to search engine penalization. Also, always remember to determine the Google status of “everyone” you often link to as anyone of them may go “bad” and you may be penalized as a consequence, even though you did “nothing wrong”.

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  • This is a short but interesting post so far. I found more interesting in 1st mistake that generally overlooked by the business owners once the page of their site is ranked on top on a competitive query but a user cannot find something special like offering low price to return something.

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