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One of the most innovative and feature-rich website to grace the web in a long while, digiviter.com is a highly developed technology-based event management platform that provides various functionality tools to a wide nexus of clients, in domestic as well as international marketplace.


With its intricately structured tools, individuals/firms can login to create and manage all sorts of events while designing their own invitations, sending them across through default features, receiving confirmation and generating security codes that are further processed through an iPhone application at the time of the event.


Data analytics is also available at the user’s end through detailed reports sent to the user providing a clear picture over the event. This helps in tracking and evaluating the success of held event.

Services Offered:

  • User Interface Designing User Interface Designing
  • Branding Solutions Branding Solutions
  • Custom Application Development Custom Application Development
  • Content Management System Content Management System
  • Client Functionality
  • Complete Branding Solutions
  • CMS
  • User Interface Designing
  • Login Registration
  • User Profile
  • Subscription Management
  • Event Management Modules
  • Mail Management
  • Payment Gateway Integration
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