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One of the most innovative websites to grace the web in a long time, Dance Cam Shuffle lets you showcase your craziest dance moves and join the global dance party. When you’re dancing here, you’re dancing everywhere. And all you need is a webcam and some crazy dance moves. Here you get to watch and rate others dancers from across the globe and get rated too through video sharing.

Dance Cam Shuffle provides an exciting interface where users become a part of a global dance mix. The simple registration have to process is all you need to complete and your job is done. All you have to do is turn on your webcam and tune-in to Dance Cam Shuffle. This is your chance to become instantly famous

Services Offered:

  • User Interface Designing User Interface Designing
  • Branding Solutions Branding Solutions
  • Custom Application Development Custom Application Development
  • Client Functionality
  • CMS
  • Global dance ranking system
  • Search Module
  • Testimonial Management
  • Video Gallery Management
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