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Requirement Statement is a Business to Business (B2B) Travel Booking Engine that is intended to facilitate the travel agencies and travel service providers to distribute; access & commercially use business information’s on a win-win Travel Booking Engine platform moderated by Amadeus, a worldwide GDS. Additionally, this portal also features user-friendly Information base specific to travel industry.

They required a Travel Booking Engine to encouraging customers to book online. The travel booking engine system required fetching data from an international websites through Online Hotel XML Integration, Tour XML Integration and GDS Integration by performing advanced search queries.

They also wanted to be able to control the entire Travel Booking Engine through an advanced control panel that allows customized reporting & other important logs.

Solutions Offered

A commercial travel booking engine was built that allowed travel service providers to register with their packages and travel agents to enter complete details of their requirements and perform advanced search query. On the basis of the search results an agent can then pick the appropriate vendor to trade, perform the travel booking & make the payment online to complete the transaction. 

Both the travel agents & travel service providers were provided with an Admin & user control panel; through which they can authorize a request, cancel a transaction, administrator order, users etc.

For International transaction the travel booking engine was linked with international travel scenario through tour XML integration and online hotel XML integration; where the major challenge was to synchronizing two different models by using tour XML integration strings and it was done with ease.

Finally the Master Admin was provided with a control panel to manage the travel booking engine by controlling users, business processes and viewing different layers of MIS.

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Christy Paul
National Manager -

ICRI – Institute of Clinical Research (India) is associate with E2 Solutions from the day ICRI was born in 2004, today we stand tall as the world largest Institute for Clinical Research and Healthcare. E2 Solutions have made the world smaller day by day for ICRI through their extraordinary work with our website who have played a vital...