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Myths About Social Media

What To & What Not To Expect From Social Media

If you are a browser, you would know how Social Media is sweeping everyone’s life and increasingly serious businesses are also becoming a part of it to make their presence felt in the domain. Though SMM – Social Media Marketing is a rapidly evolving and highly sophisticated platform, marketers and business executives are still struggling to come to terms with it. They wonder is their approach appropriate for the medium, are they being too corporate-like or too casual, whether their efforts are enough or not and so forth.

Apart from this, many businesses take it as a medium of increasing sales and getting surplus inquiries, which when at later stages is not so greatly fruitified and then they lose interest in social media. Also, many organizations find it hard to draw time for these recurrent activities and never consider taking plunge of the evolving phenomenon. All these things perhaps happen due to certain pre-conceived assumptions and myths around social media.

Here, we have tried to demystify the doubts and give a clear picture:

Social Media Brings Business - Not necessarily. You may receive few consumers/clients approaching via this channel, but there is no guarantee. Social Media is in fact a platform for Brand Building & Reinforcement, hence making your audience know about your existence. So, the next time they visit your website or physical store, they may recall some wonderful post by your company or visually remember the look & the feel of your social media account.

Social Media is Easy & Anyone Can Handle It - Fundamentally, people notice a lot of conversations going around via the platform and mistake that anyone can handle them. On the contrary, the person making various statements and responding to comments is in fact representing your business. Hence you need to be very careful before putting your company’s reputation into anyone’s hands.

Social Media is Only For Younger Generations - False. The average age-group of FaceBook user base expands across 15 year olds to 55 years age groups. Even though the official minimum age of becoming a FaceBook user is 18 years, teens often false it by mentioning it a little higher.

Social Media is Not A Serious Business, Hence I don’t Need it - Though there are certain business niches such as defence equipment manufacturers or those supplying packed food to border protection organizations, they don’t need be on social media. However, the platform is highly rewarding for FMCG companies, brands, service providers like hotels, tour & travel companies, to other small to medium product/service providers. Companies can also adapt a varied approach - paid social media marketing/advertisements to make their presence felt in the virtual social domain as well as receive business.

Blogging is A Waste of Time & Efforts - Completely disagree. This myth arises from the fact that companies see a lot of noise about endless type of updates on blogging platforms. They think when someone else is already talking about something then why would anyone follow their own blog post. On a contrary, you might know a varied thing that you may like to bring in notice through this platform. As an example, being a business you must be facing a lot of questions regarding your business standards, processes, etc. you can answer all of them via blogging.

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