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What is the biggest challenge your industry/company facing today?

See, how Social Media fits perfectly Into Every Single Situation:


Severely Competitive & Saturated Markets

Regardless of the degree to which they think they will grow, all companies face the common challenge: Market Saturation. With a severe competition coming from all sides, there is a little scope about Price being the leading competitive differentiator. It is perhaps one of the key elements to affect consumer decision; however all have been done to cut down costs and but the attempts didn’t prove any significant results in long run as everyone else followed the suit. So, what’s the remedy for never-ending market saturation dilemmas?

As we see when the market it getting highly clogged due to severe competition from peers, companies need to build an extra link with their audience & perspective consumers where they give them the ease of connecting with you, directly. Where they can effortlessly approach you and tell you how great or bad experience they had with your business – products/services. They give you feedback & inputs that help you solidify future business strategies. And the only such platform is various Social Media networks.

It is one of the most crystal clear platforms. Here you are not being a dictator or only “shouting” your assets, but this is where you can hold real & meaningful conversations, receive feedback/inputs, and let everyone see how you are doing in the market out there. You receive positive feedback, bingo, thousands of your followers know about that. You receive inputs or negative feedback, you improvise, in turn your audience knows that they matter to you.


Cut The Clutter & Stand Equal Amongst Biggies With Social Media

In non-social media days, branding building & PR exercises meant huge marketing expenditure for brick-and-mortar presence. Being a small or budding business, you don’t have that kind of money to compete with major brands/players in your industry; they have marketing budgets beyond your turnover even. What do you do in such a situation?

Either you chart out a niche for your business to focus at or collaborate with other small players create a virtual big fish and cover greater markets. In either case, you need to approach your audience – your niche market segment & business collaborators and state your hold to move further in the direction.

Social Media is easy-to-access platforms that allow digital communication and collaborations through a myriad forms. With the advent and adoption of social media tools, individuals are easily and quickly finding the trusted peers, share opinions and formulate stronger relationships.


Commodity Segment Gets Sorted With Social Media

Consider the case of commodity market segment where products/services have no clear distinctions between each other as they are governed by parallel industry rules/regulations. However, the competition is tough as each marketer tries to cache on strong soft-selling features. Social Media is the additional solidified point of contact where consumers define the business decision with ease of communication and trust factor.

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