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Is Social Media Relevant to My Business

Being A business why should I care about Social Media?

Social Networking via Social Media is almost synonymous with online PR, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Forums, Blogging, Community Building, Conversations and a lot more. With the days passing by, it has become a quintessential tool to succeed, be it big business houses or small and medium enterprises (SMEs). While earlier PR & Branding meant huge expenditure and simultaneously brick-and-mortar presence, Social Media has added itself to the list due to surplus audience present on the medium. However, there are businesses who assume that the medium is meant for FMCG manufacturers and B2C products market segment.

The fact is Social Networking via Social Media works equally well for B2B marketing channel as well. These are easy-to-access platforms that allow digital communication and collaborations through a myriad forms and corporations cannot afford to ignore it. With the advent and adoption of social media tools, individuals are easily and quickly finding the trusted peers, share opinions and businesses in turn learn about their experiences with products and services purchased. One can term it as a disruption to conventional corporate communication approaches, but these are more real, more concrete.

Simply put, the advent of Social Media is to word-of-Keyboard communication, which is much more efficient & effective. Here, you can measure the value in many different ways – not only monetarily. Furthermore, the intent of all B2B marketing tactics is not between a seller & a buyer but various individuals associated with a specific business entity and all of them have their own say over business decisions. Here social media proves more relevant as the ultimate consumer is clearly an individual.

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