Finding it hard to get the right people with the right skills? Operational costs proving to be a barrier? Trust E2 Solutions
to provide you with the optimum solutions with our Staff Augmentation services. Our distinct mix of skill, craft, finesse
and techno-wizardry gives you abundant options to broaden your business horizons at highly affordable costs.

Once you hire our dedicated developers, you have the liberty of evaluating their performance for a period of 40 hours at a quite level-headed worth before binding into a formal contract.
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Smart Trial

The rapid growth in the sphere of internet businesses has led to the development of Staff Augmentation as an appropriate means to accomplish seasonal projects without the burden of adding permanent staff. This type of outsourcing strategy has gained popularity among small or medium IT firms and online business owing to its ability to leverage existing resources and the outsourced service. E2 Solutions offers reliable and efficient Staff Augmentation Services or Hire Dedicated Developer Services in order to help clients meet their project deadlines and other requirements. Augmenting offshore team not only allows timely execution of seasonal works through qualified and highly experienced professionals, it also improves the management of your organization. ‘Smart Trial’ is the brainchild of E2 Solutions; it is especially designed to support our aim in establishing a client-centric business approaches. Be it Hiring PHP programmers or Web development outsourcing or hiring a web developer, E2 Solutions provides all these and more. This feature enables our clients to try our staff augmentation services for a week or 40 hours at a nominal cost before hiring the developer on monthly basis.

As ‘Client satisfaction’ is one of the most important objectives that we value, launching client-friendly feature such as ‘smart trial’ has allowed us to remain a cut above our competitors. Within the period of the one week trial, our clients can assess the quality of the work of assigned developer, our work processes and ability of the professional developers.  From E2 Solutions, one can hire dedicated developers, who are trained to deliver results without compromising on the clients essential requirements— flexibility, timelines, and quality.  We believe that ‘Smart Trial’ will enable our clients to form a better judgment about the kind of results our dedicated Developers deliver, as per thier business requirements. 

Smart Trial is a mutually befitting agreement between E2 Solutions and our clients. So, we encourage our clients to utilize the smart trial period as the best time to assess our dedicated developers before committing to any long-term business engagements.  E2 solutions (Web development outsourcing) implement a comprehensive screening process while selecting the developers in order to ensure that our clients are delivered the very best of the lot. We recommend our clients to try our ‘Smart Trial’ plan and experience the quality that we promise to deliver if you choose to hire PHP programmers, Website developers or other experts.  Within the 40 hours trial period you can evaluate the skills and the quality of our services on the basis of your business needs without binding yourself into any formal contract.

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Client Tale

Mohit Sharma
Vice President – Marketing -

Our business is based only on Google Adwords, outsourcing PPC Management to E2 Solutions meant outsourcing entire marketing division to them. We were bit apprehensive in the beginning but today I am proud of my decision. Their team has done a fantastic job and helped me increase my ROI. Since last 2 years, I and my team have been focusing on other marketing ...