In search engines, the higher you are, the more discoverable you are. But the most difficult part
of being at the top is maintaining the consistency to remain at the best. With E2 Solutions, your website
would not just reach the summit of Search, but would be the first one to be noticed. Always.

Have a look at the search engine ranking or ranking positions of some of our esteemed clients - the testament to our high-volume traffic metrics services. We are proud to say it clear and say it straight!
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Search Engine Optimization - our approach

Rankings and conversions are not easy to attain. They need a lot to be done, done continuously and with full efficiency. You can leave no stone unturned whether it is about improving traffic metrics, improvising social signals or aiming to attain high intent user-generated content. But you don’t have to worry about hundred things like this. We know what works and know how to handle it - the best way!

We’ll apply all the ethical practices to take you site to the first page so that you experience massive conversions to your site. Our India SEO services comprise meticulously drawn and ever-evolving techniques and tools that help you stay ahead according to each and every search engine.

Check for our methodology and you would know how detailed we are:

Detailed Analysis:
First of all we attain full understanding over your business, the target audience, your competition, key strengths and services. Internet is an extremely competitive marketplace. Your business is facing competition from many other companies who belong to same product/service and are targeting your keywords to reach to your potential customers. Detailed analysis of your web presence, strengths and weaknesses helps us identify new opportunities and we accordingly develop strategies you. We also prepare a rank report on the top keywords to see where you are exactly positioned in search engines.

Target the Right Keywords
High Volume, Low Competition, Strong ROI
It involves conducting thousands of researches to find out relevant keywords. The idea is to identify keywords that must bring higher rankings. Through processes of mining and sorting, appropriate keywords are selected that characterize high consequence, good potential & high traffic. We apply smart approaches in targeting keywords as it is unrealistic to try to rank for either too competitive keyword especially when heavyweight sites are vying for them. 

Improve Site’s Accessibility
Great Redirects, Zero Errors & Load Speed
This involves checking your site in detail for errors, broken links, poor navigation and correcting the same. Errors in navigation system and broken (internal & external) links are like correct nameplates at wrong addresses. On the flip side, a good navigation system and website structure not only improves user operability but enables search engine spiders to properly crawl through site and index all its pages.

Increase Brand Awareness
Source Diversity, Social Mentions & Press Releases
Search engines testify those sites as high-value that attract a lot of natural traffic coming from diverse set of external sources. Social media mentions and press releases are significant approaches of doing the same. In nutshell, a smart digital marketing mix is applied to ascertain fruitful returns. 

Add / Improve Vertical Details & Content
Add vertical details such as images, videos, blogs, news, press releases etc. to increase your site’s exposure and ratings. We help you develop multimedia campaign that complements your online strategies. Amplify video & blog popularity and try to generate high intent user generated content that has significant impact on search engine optimization. Regularly updated websites & blogs carrying high quality content receive preferential treatment by search engines. We focus to improve the topic relevance, viral-ity and keyword targeting of your content.

Social Signals 
More Followers, Friends, Shares, Tweets, Votes & Social Engagements 
Get your social media - Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook profiles indexed in all search engines. Apply smart tactics to increase visibility, exposure, followers, shares, tweets, re-tweets etc. The idea is to generate a lot talk around your brand and online presence. Every month we shall send you detailed report enlisting social media activities.

Data Analysis & Strategies
SEO campaigns need continuous evaluation and analysis. We will set up analytics reporting on your website and offer professional consultation and recommendations on how to utilize this data further. We will carefully examine all the relevant metrics and data related about your site’s visitors and determine what keywords and search engines are driving the most traffic and what changes need to be made to your site to increase relevant traffic and conversions.

Bring your website with successful search engine optimization to the top of Google

The first five or ten search results are the most sought after positions for any company when it comes to Google Search results and the most important in a SEO process. Studies have shown that users too display credibility and trust in the top ten results of Google search.

For this reason, a podium-finish in the organic index, i.e. in the natural results is of outstanding significance to the success of your website and the holy-grail for any SEO work process. A ranking in the top half of the first page means that your website gets more traffic and more activities (orders, leads, News letter subscription, etc.)

E2 Solutions an SEO company in India or SEO India has the perfect tools and the right people with a highly effective SEO methodology to support your business through search engine optimization, so that your site can achieve a leading position on the first page on Google.

Our SEO work process is such that through various measures for on-site optimization, we make your website fit for the search engines.

Second, through our Search engine optimization services we implement comprehensive measures to off-page optimization (link building et al’), so that your website becomes highly-relevant for search engines and is considered important enough to be displayed among the top search results.

We adhere strictly to the search engine optimization guidelines established by Google and Honesty remains our bedrock in all the measures undertaken by us.

The steps on the Success Ladder:

Keyword and Competitive Analysis

In the keyword analysisour experts analyze your site, your products or services.  After this we create a detailed overview of the keywords including ranking evaluation. The keyword analysis is the basis of any SEO work process and without the correct keywords; profitable or successful ranking of your site cannot be achieved.

In competition analysis, we check your main competitors in terms of use of keywords and placement in the results pages of Google. On the basis of the defined keywords and the current competitive situation, we then determine a realistic projection, and create a customized offer.

Potential Estimate

A successful search engine optimization process begins when E2 Solutions with the analysis of your website to assess the potential future scenarios. With this analysis, we determine the actual state of your site and subsequent tests are conducted. The continuous monitoring is reported to you as we intend to keep you constantly updated with the progress of the project.

On-site Optimization

Modification in the content and page structure would form a part of the on-page optimization of your website. It is one of the prime factors responsible in taking your website among the top search results on Google. In Search engine optimization process, a thorough analysis of your website would be undertaken to find out the flaws, if any, and the required modifications will be done.

Off-site Optimization

The off-site optimization is a long program and includes all actions which are not influenced by changes in the technical program source code or editorial modifications. In the off-site optimization, which takes place outside of your website, it's about building your online presence through intelligent linking strategy with the help of topic and high-quality links and online PR. We also ensure, through reputation management that false statements or embarrassing content about your company is not highlighted in the search results. All these measures lead to a significant and sustained rise in your website's popularity and - in conjunction with the on-site optimization - to a significant increase in traffic.

Performance Analysis

Search engine optimization is not a one-off measure, but is an ongoing process. The measures undertaken by E2 Solutions would be recorded and analyzed right from the beginning. This would help in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the process and appropriate actions would be taken for optimization. Through our reporting tools, all actions and results - such as the positions of the defined keywords on Google – would be available to you in a completely transparent and comprehensible manner.