The most difficult part of being the best is maintaining the consistency to continue being the best.
Likewise, at E2 Solutions we realize that SEO too is not just about reaching the summit of Search, rather
it is the constant and rhythmic effort of being the first to get noticed. Always.

Have a look at the search engine ranking or ranking positions of some of our esteemed clients - the testament to our high-volume traffic metrics services. We are proud to say it clear and say it straight!
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SEO for Mobile Websites - Mobile SEO

A set of detailed criteria is considered while customizing your website for mobile phones:

  • Preferred markup language, such as HTML, WAP, WML or others
  • Browser Capabilities – Flash, AJAX & Scaling
  • Flexible Screen Dimensions & Screen Rotation Support
  • Physical & Touch Keyboard Support
  • Mobile Network Speed – 2G, 3G & 4G
  • Compatibility Across Mobile OS – Blackberry, Android, Apple iOS, Windows Mobile, Palm WebOS, etc.

Covering a diverse market segment, mobile web opens up a whole new dimension for greater market penetration for businesses to tap the evolving customer base. There are billions of mobile subscribers who use their handheld devices to search for businesses, products or services. As observed, mobile search is only at its startup stage (in India & across Global markets) and the phenomenon is going to increase manifold times in coming years. It is also indicated by major search engine players spending huge sums in innovating the few-face of mobile research.

Though mobile devices such as Windows Mobile, iPhone or other Android based tabs support opening up the webpage as it is on hand-held devices, having them customized for mobile phones adds to flexibility over the user interface as the mobile users are looking for a specific content on your website.

Basically all you need to do is alter or strip the content according to client’s capabilities.

Though companies can test what’s working or not working from their normal websites on mobile devices, however websites containing complex or dynamic content incur problems. Getting website customized for mobile devices includes optimizing it for specific mobile portals, directories and search engines.


E2 Solutions Mobile Website Optimization Services

For mobile search engine marketing, E2 Solutions gives companies a greater level of control over targeted content delivery, enabling them to observe how their website content is optimized for mobile users - hence increasing their site’s profitability.

Our expertise lies in customizing your websites for mobile devices and then building mobile scheme marketing strategies to make them better performing on mobile search engines. It involves various stages of site analysis to tracking performance and reporting.

Draw More Traffic to Mobile Website - This is accomplished by using mobile search, banners and other referral websites.

Induce Better Call To Action Links - While normal websites might have “Contact Us” links placed delicately on top/bottom/side panels, mobile websites need them more prominently for convenience at user’s end.

Caching on The Expertise - While promoting your products/services for mobile websites, preferential position is given to those products/services that perform significantly on normal websites.

Thorough Interface Support - Our designers & developers are apt at customizing your existing website for mobile devices. More so the changes made are significant and least noticeable for maximum returns. Your audience shouldn’t feel the dissimilarity yet have better accessibility as they access your website from mobile devices.

Our professional mobile website optimization services include all sorts of SEO & SEM activities from keyword research to creating persuasive ad copies. If your website needs strong conceptualization support due to incompatibility with WAP browsers, you can completely rely on us for end-to-end website customization. Contact us at