Online Reputation Management

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to destroy it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently”

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  • Social Media Sites - Facebook etc.
  • Consumer Complaint Sites
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Well, the latter line by Warren Buffett doesn’t directly associate with reputation issues budding in the virtual world as the sufferer is not always the responsible one. However, the same can be applied as it comes to Online Reputation Management as in the context of online domain, reputation management seeks different strategies.

Catastrophic events and crisis are a part of business landscape that oftentimes leaves devastating effects on the business. In a business context, ORM - Online Reputation Management is all about understanding the responsibilities towards various stakeholders, their different interests, risks, and concerns.

Online reputation management practice involves the entire gimmick of virtual marketing, PR, corporate communication and alike activities that are directed towards overlapping the bad comments and undesirable references with the ones that build positive rapport. These activities are centred around doing strenuous virtual policing, recognizing the current threats and implementing practical strategies to make sure that your “brand” reaches your customers only in the best light.

Our services are completely ethical and we would not counter your negative mentions with the positive ones but pull them down from top SERPs. To know how we do it, get in touch at

Yes! Reputation is Managable

In this section we are giving you only a brief about some of our clients whose online reputation was at stake and fiddled at the costs tangible and intangible for anyone to assimilate. We are not providing any specific details as the same will nullify our attempts to manage their online reputation; however we are mentioning case briefs so that you know how we have handled their cases and stand equally potent to handle yours as well.

Case 1 - Global Technology Firm : The leading technology firm is world-renowned organization, providing technology-based solutions to its huge customer base. During the times of recession, the company had to do layoff a multitude of its employee in order to sustain and handle financial crisis. As a result, online forums, FaceBook accounts, community platforms and many other platforms were loaded with stuff that had put the company’s reputation at stake. Our reputation management strategists not only identified those mentions but dragged them down low in SERPs to exist almost no where.

Case 2 - Leading Management Institution : This premium management institution stands tall in the list of Top 10 B-Schools of India. However, they were facing the heat of online reputation crisis, splurged due to slower placement drive as the industry was marginally lay-offing existing employees to even consider employing new, high priced management professionals.

However, the culprit became this institution and had uncountable mentions on the virtual world that imposed huge threats to institution’s reputation. The clouds are set now and they breathe peacefully being one of the Top Ten B Schools in India, with a lot of positive stuff building their reputation even further.

Case 3 - Renowned Personality : This multi-dollar personality is very successful business person on the global market front. However, as with every other renowned personality, he was facing the heat of public scrutiny and had extremely negative mentions & photographs loaded on the web. This had put his business at the stake of survival as he could have no business due to such bad impressions. However, the client is relieved that nothing of that sort is showing on the web SERPs for him now.


Businesses across industrial perennially can avail our reputation management services and reap the benefits of favorable goodwill around their identity. We at E2 Solutions make sure that your brand in shiny clean online with our strategies that feed positive content to first few pages and bury negative brand mentions down low on the SERPs.

Client Tale

Urvashi Agarwal
AGM-Marketing -

E2 Solutions has been a one stop shop for us for our web designing and e-commerce needs. They have helped us revamp our website to reflect our brand identity and make it e-commerce friendly. Their team has been extremely cooperative and helpful and have gone an extra mile give us solutions which have been smart, sophisticated and relevant to the online need ...