Finding it hard to get the right people with the right skills? Operational costs proving to be a barrier? Trust E2 Solutions
to provide you with the optimum solutions with our Staff Augmentation services. Our distinct mix of skill, craft, finesse
and techno-wizardry gives you abundant options to broaden your business horizons at highly affordable costs.

Once you hire our dedicated developers, you have the liberty of evaluating their performance for a period of 40 hours at a quite level-headed worth before binding into a formal contract.
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What is Staff Augmentation service?

Staff Augmentation is a distinctive outsourcing strategy of hiring dedicated employees. These employees work exclusively on your projects like full-time employees from our premises. Staff Augmentation provides you with the best skilled resources in terms of flexibility and timely output. It is all about taking a clever business decision of getting quality work done at the most competent prices. It gives maximum cost benefit to a company. You can hire a single or a team of developers, designers, SEO specialists or content writers on your rolls depending upon your project requirements, time limit and budget. Adding efficient staffing can help achieving specialization of work and timely execution of deadlines.

What if I have issues with the work of developer(s)?

The dedicated developers at E2 Solutions are trained to execute efficient and quality work that functions under your direction. We allow direct communication between our clients and developers. Although we ensure you that there would not be any issues; in case you have problems with your developer(s) or hired employees, we will make sure to replace them as soon as possible. However, the notice of your required change has to be given well in advance.

Will you be signing NDA (non-disclosure agreement)?

Yes. We are committed to protect your confidentiality.

What is the payment process and modes of payment you have?

Payment is 100% advance- at the beginning of every month. We accept payment through credit card, PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer.

What about the security of my source code?

We provide firewall, password and encryption protection to our developers to ensure you a highly secure environment. We guarantee no unauthorized access to any sensitive data or commercial secrets.

Do I pay for my developers' holiday or sick time?

No, you only pay for the actual work-time billed by your developer. Other than the E2 Solutions' calendar holidays, if a developer is on leave, the payment for that would be adjusted in your next month's invoice.

Where do my developers work?

Your developers work exclusively on your projects from our premises. And each developer has his own fully-equipped work-station.

How can I be sure that I am getting good people?

Before hiring our developers, you can interview them yourselves to determine their suitability for the job. Moreover, we offer you 1 week trial (paid).

How do I interact with my developers?

We encourage direct communication between our clients and developers. You can contact your developer via email or messenger (Skype, Yahoo, MSN and Gtalk) or through telephone.

What are my rights regarding the Intellectual property developed by the hired developer?

We ensure you the protection of Intellectual Copyrights. The ownership of all intellectual property developed by our hired developers is transferred to you.

Why should I opt for this service?

If you are looking for cost effective, timely and quality services, staff augmentation is the most suitable option for you. It is an excellent choice for start-up companies that require technical staffing. It is also equally beneficial for established IT, Web Development, Web Designing and Product Development companies to delegate their work load and receive timely completion of projects.

For any other further queries or concerns, please feel free to Contact Us. Our expert team will be more than happy to assist you.

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