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FaceBook Ads Management Services By E2 Solution

With FaceBook, Catch Them When They Are NOT Looking For you

INSIGHT: FaceBook, The Perfect Destination for B2C Consumer Product Reseller

  • For PPC on FaceBook is not about being on top two/three positions for a set of searched keywords. FaceBook works on push marketing concept where target audience is segmented on the basis of set of demographic traits. This information helps in assimilating the possibility of likelihood of purchase/interest of your set of products/services and hence helps in targeting those FaceBook users.
  • The format is highly workable for companies dealing in B2C market segment -especially the big Brands & FMCG companies. It helps in successfully accomplishing back of the mind marketing/reinforcement strategies. FaceBook works equally well for SMEs and allows them directly approach their customers, even if they are not looking out for them – online boutiques, coffee brands, online baby product stores etc. are some of the common examples.

The independent online ad management platform of FaceBook is known as FaceBook Ads. It is a highly advanced and interactive platform that provides a wide array of integrated selectors, designed to target your FaceBook ads only amongst neatly defined set of target audience. With its highly advanced segregation criterion, you get to choose your target on the set of extensively defined sections on the basis of age groups, gender, likes / interests, regions, sports interests, skills, profession, skills, qualifications and various other parameters.

Advertising for FaceBook can be standardized according to various geographic and demographic clusters; it allows advertisers to choose a set of audience to market its products or services amongst. With our FaceBook Ads management services, you receive personalised attention to your products/services from an experienced and trusted internet marketing professionals.

We handle FaceBook Ads campaigns for both Cost Per Click and Cost Per Thousand Impression basis.

  • Set-up New Account
  • Highly Targeted Campaigns
  • Creative Ad Content
  • Advanced Tracking Reports
  • In-depth Research
  • Landing Page Optimisation
  • High Returns on Investments


FaceBook - The Preferred Platform for Multiple Targeted Audience & Multiple Campaigns

With increasing market penetration and booming e-commerce, managers find FaceBook Ads to be a quick-fix solution to secure maximum footfalls defined on a set of intricately defined target audience. According to statics mentioned by none other than FaceBook itself, they have more than 750 million users universally (by the date) who collectively spend over 700 billion minutes in a month. Amongst the entire FaceBook population, 50 per cent of them are active users who log on to FaceBook in any given day and have an average of 130 friends.

In today’s competitive world companies believe in Economies of Scale and tend to categorize the target audience into various clusters depending upon the demographic & psychographic behaviour of buyers. We have mastered these skills and offer you ready to employ internet marketing strategies. Get in touch today at sales@e2solutions.net and know more about our FaceBook ads management services.

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