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Case Studies

Design and Develop a New Website for the Women Investment Club, Australia
To build an online platform that defines as well delivers the said business model
Interaction design and Information architecture

The Company

The Women’s Investment Club is a self-directed learning community which provides its members, opportunities for investment learning through group interactions, investment and personal finance courses, investment and personal finance events, and self-service access to resources & information like investment and personal finance books, cds, experts etc. It focuses on helping its members learn and develop the tools that they require to move forward with investing.

Problem Statement

The company aimed at providing well-suited investment solutions to women in particular, along with online and face-to-face learning resources. The idea was to make the interface both fun as well as conducive to safe learning environment. What lacked were an ideal platform and the required tools so as to make the business idea come under the purview of the maximum number of women.

The Solution

E2 Solutions, through its expertise in online business application and development, provided the most befitting resolution in the following ways:-
  • Developed a highly involving and informative designer interface that would lead the user to the desired investment solutions in various fields like  property, stock, tax savings, precious metals etc.  
  • Through the provision of Events, Online shopping and Classified sections respectively along with empowering the user to post his/her own event, the  elements of fun as well as learning were delivered effectively on the website. 
  • Facilitating a face-to-face learning resource, Ask an Expert and Investment learning was introduced in the website.
  • Integrated the online payment module, Pay Pal, with their website so as to have a trouble-free payment system.
  • A content management system (CMS) was enabled so that the web administrator can modify any content of any given page.
The Women Investment Club The Women Investment Club The Women Investment Club The Women Investment Club